Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best and Helpful Website Design

I was looking over my friends new website,and i asked her how she like her new web designs.She said she loved them and they fit her style and personality.She also said that she would have them help her again,because they were so helpful,fun,and knew what they were doing.They spend time getting to know you and make sure its exactly how you want it,and you don't have to settle for anything.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Men's Lab Coats!Perfect Fit.

My friend is a doctor and he is very short and petite.He would always complain on how the lab coats would not fit him and how they were either to big or to wide.Finally he found one that he liked and had the durability to last him and fit him just how he wanted it to!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perfect Baby Shower Games for Lotto Fans!

I am really looking forward to the baby shower this weekend for my best friend. I have been planning her party for months. I even went all out and hired a clown! I think the baby shower games will really be a hit though. I can't believe all the great games that are out there now!
Check out this fun little game I found that I am so excited to play!
I bet even the guest that don't like to play games will dig this Baby Lotto Baby Shower Game!
All they have to do is play the lottery! Each person gets a pull tab card and the person with the three milk bottles in a row wins a prize! Perfect for all my lotto playing guests! How easy is that!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Planning a Baby Shower With Coupon Codes!

Are you thinking about how to plan for that upcoming baby shower? I found that shopping online is the only way to go when your as busy as I am! And better yet I found all the baby shower decorations I needed for the party at some great discounts this month! The more you buy the more you save with these coupon codes so enjoy! $10 off a $100 order – Enter Coupon Code: Good | $25 off a $200 order – Enter Coupon Code: Better | $45 off a $300 order – Enter Coupon Code: Best.