Thursday, July 29, 2010

Escort Passport 9500ix

I like speed, and ironically I have the tickets to show for it. For those of you (myself included) who like to view the speed limit as more of a guideline, and use the "Five miles over is more than OK" mentality, then you should consider investing in a radar detector.

Let's face it, speeding tickets are expensive, and it doesn't do too well for your insurance either. While browsing the web I stumbled across this little device. It is the Escort Passport 9500ix. Simply known as one of the better radar detectors available.

According to consumer search this both warns of speed and red light cameras, has the best long radar detection, and an auto learn feature that limits false alarms. Which is a major bonus in comparison to some of the other radar models. The company that produce this particular model, has an excellent track record for putting out great products. And according to and customer testimony, it lives up to its name, with an average rating of four out of five stars.

Bottom line it is a great product, and will take time to get used to. But it is well worth the cost. How much is it? Well it can be assumed that this may be the con for the device. Perhaps one of the more expensive models, this one in particular ranges from $500 to $600. But the way I see it, at least no more speeding tickets...right?

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HGC For Weight loss: It Really Works!

Over the years, I've noticed the pounds starting to creep up on me. Initially I thought nothing of it, but when I stepped on the scale, I knew something had to be done about it. I looked all over for a weight loss program, but couldn't find anything that was in my price range. Finally I found this amazing HCG for weight loss. I'm usually pretty skeptical of weight loss programs, but this one really worked! Amazing!

Comfortable Mens Lab Coats!

My cousin just recently became interested in the medical field. For school, he needs a lab coat and medical attire. So to show him how proud I am of him, I wanted to get him something special that he'd have to use. I thought, "what better than a labcoat?" I started looking all over town, but couldn't find anything. Finally I found these awesome mens lab coats. He cant believe how comfortable it is!

Sail With Your Wedding Favors

My theme for my wedding is the ocean and sailing and the beautiful sea creatures and sunsets.So I was nervous on trying to find some wedding favors to go with it,because i'm very very picky and I don't settle for anything.I found this place card holders that were sailboats and I just loved them,and I new my husband would to,because that's all he does on his free time is to go sailing.All of my wedding favors were spectacular and I couldn't have had it look any better!

Under The Sea ~ Unique Baby Shower Themes!

My cousin just recently found out that she was pregnant with her first child. At first, when I brought up the idea of a baby shower, she wanted nothing to do with one. Over a course of a few weeks, I finally sold her into the idea of having one. As long as she didn't have to plan it, she was all for the idea. Both my sister and I stepped up to the plate for planning her baby shower. We started looking all over town, but couldn't find any cute themes. Finally we found these adorable baby shower themes! Everyone at the shower absolutely loved how everything matched!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Shake Weight

With today's society plaguing the minds of everyday people, it is no wonder why there are so many crazy mechanisms out there promising leaner, healthier, and more toned bodies. The most popular device released was the shake weight. Shown on numerous informercial, and magazine advertisements, as well as capturing the attention of celebrities such as the ladies from The View and Ellen DeGeneres.

The real question is, does it actually work? Will I have Jennifer Aniston arms? Will I finally lose that flab that flings around whenever I hail a taxi?

The answer answer is simple...yes.....and no.

According to Consumersearch, the device has both pros and cons. The Shake Weight does provide easy brief exercise sessions that do work an extent. Basically you're getting the same amount of exercise from pumping a water bottle. The weight on the device is not enough to be considered "serious". Therefore, a waste of time.

Interestingly enough, while reading customer testimonials on various sites, it appeared at though many were satisfied with it. On Amazon the average rating for it was four out of five stars. And many users declared that they could, "feel the burn".

So it short, the shake weight does help with your arm flab. But don't set your expectations too high, Jennifer's arms are not around the corner for you. On a positive note, believe it or not, hitting the gym and eating right, may be the best and actual solution.

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Well Crafted and Beautiful Tungsten Rings

I was looking for a ring for my husband for our 25th anniversary and I came across these tungsten rings and I thought they were beautiful and very different from what you usually see.So I bought this ring for my husband and he likes it alot.It is very beautiful and well crafted.He is always getting compliments on it and everyone wonders where he found one made like that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lash Blast Fusion

For the women (or men) out there, finding a mascara that works well but yet still within a descent budget is hard to find. The addition of constant commercials, and magazine ads claiming the be the best product does not help someone in need of the perfect makeup. So what is one to do? Luckily there has been a new mascara released that lives up to the hype and performs fantastically.

According to Total Beauty, an unbiased website for make up reviews, shares that Covergirls new Lash Blast Fusion mascara not only provides volume and length, but is also flake and clump free. Now the new mascara does have some downfalls.

While many customer testimonials share that the product has worked wonders, some say that there isn't a drastic difference between this product and the original Last Blast that came in the orange bottle. In addition, many share that its contents have a strong chemical odor. When I read this comment I thought to myself, it's not like someone is going to be snorting it all day.

Point being, this product received an over 7 rating. Which, from a personal perspective, is at least enough to give i a try.

View Total Beauty Customer Reviews Here

Ultrasound Baby Shower Games!

All around town, the party supply stores didn't have much for baby shower games. Even the places that did carry some games, were way to expensive! Finally we found these great baby shower games! They were adorable and fun for a great price!

Baby Shower Invitiations..A Little Clueless

I am planning a baby shower party,and I seriously have no clue on what to do.She likes so many things and I felt like I wasn't going to find anything she liked.I finally went and asked one of my girlfriends for help and she new the right place to go to.We found so many decorations,themes,games,baby shower favors and i was just amazed at what all we found.The baby shower invitations are my favorite out of all,because what it looks like is what your going to see at the shower.I am so excited to get this shower started!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Which Cell Company?!

This is a questions that is frequently asked among the growing number of cell phone users. Which company is the best to go with, and the cheapest for what's best for me? From personal experience, I'd give my own opinion, then dabble into the opinions of review writers.

Orignally began cell phone service with T-Mobile. As far as getting signial in my area, it was touch and go. The cell phones themselves worked great. Due to lack of signal strength my mobile device served merly as a paper weight. Thus, moving on to Verizon. I have had cell service through them for a little over a year now. Though from a personal perspective the customer service was far better through T-Mobile, the signal strength is without a doubt far better. Which, in a situation like cell phone service, truly matters over politeness of customer service representatives.

Now according to Consumer Reports in 2010, Verizon and AT&T are the two top competing companies, while the others are slightly less competitive.But looking at the overall aspect, Verizon triumphs by far. Consumer Reports show that due to both consumer surveys and testing, Verizon out performed its competitors. On the flip side, Verizon was also noted as being one of the more costly cell phone service providers.

According to Consumer search Verizon Wireless had the best call quality while T-Mobile had the best rate plans. Interesting...

To Learn More Check Out the Two Sources :

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Consumer Reports

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reputable Aircraft Parts Supplies

When it comes to aircraft parts supplies you want to be sure that you buy them from a reputable company.  Avmro has a great selection of aircraft supplies for all of you needs.  And they offer products at affordable prices that you can afford.

Fashionable Plus Size Swimwear

When it comes to the summer months many people do not like to go out in public in their bathingsuits.  But that is because they are wearing ones that do not fit right and do not flatter you in the right places.  Swimsuits Just For You has that  plus size swimwear that is fashionable and flatterable.  Suits that will make you look and feel beautiful and comfortable!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camo Baby Hat

Camo Baby Hat

This thick, rugged and water-repellent 525-gram expedition-weight material stands up to rough outdoor play and keeps kids toasty warm. A durable antipilling, water-repellent shell protects your little ones from winter’s worst weather, while inside is a soft-on-sking brushed interior. My little nephew already has a camo coat and camo snow pants, but he doesn’t have a hat! I’ve been looking all over for one for a long time, but couldn’t find anything. Finally I found this one at Cabela’s and it fits him great! He wears it all the time, both inside and outside. Its his new favorite snuggle hat.

Found this on:

Plain and Modern Baby Shower Invitations

I was looking for baby shower invitations and I just wanted something plain and nothing to fancy and had like little animals or anything on it.I found this and it was blue so it suggested that its a boy.I liked this invite,because its classy yet plain.They had so many cute invitations to choose from but I just felt like I just wanted the plain janer and I am so glad with the choice I chose.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Flattering Men's Scrubs

I'm always looking for men's scrubs that have a better more comforting fit to them.Finally we found these scrub and they have a more sophisticated look and are so comfortable.I love the range of motion you can get out of these and it looks more like a T-Shirt than an over sized shirt on you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Blooming Baby Shower Theme!

Looking for something really original for your upcoming baby shower? Check out these adorable baby shower themes like the "Blooming Baby" decor! When I saw this I thought how fitting for a baby shower! I think guests will love the sweet little baby blooming from the flower pot! The entire ensemble is available to decorate for the entire party from start to finish, including, tableware, baby shower favors, streamers and more! Your baby shower will never be cuter with this set!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Together Forever With Baby Shower Invitations

For my baby shower invitations i wanted something unique and original.I also wanted something with a man and a woman on it,because my husband is all committed to this baby coming and i want to show that.So i found this invite with a couple under and umbrella and you can see that shes pregnant with the man leaning towards her.I thought it was very unique and i love it.Also purple is my favorite color so i definitely fell in love with this invite.It suits my theme,style,personality,and life.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Classy Baby Shower Invitations

Always a classic design these baby shower invitations will dazzle guests! Available in both blue and pink the Damask design can be personalized to your liking. Plan a baby shower in high style with any of these high quality printed baby shower invites! Many themes to choose from its easy to plan a party that everyone will love!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Shower Themes That Will be a Hit!

What perfect baby shower themes, the little turtle all done up in brightly colored pink and green would make any new mommy to be smile! Decorate for your entire baby shower with pink baby turtles available also in blue and green to delight all your guests! This baby shower theme is one of the cutest ones Ive come across yet! With decorations like this it will be easy to throw a baby shower that is sure to be a hit!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cute Baby Shower Decorations

I was looking for Baby Shower Decorations and i still needed a banner and I found so many that were so cute!It was so hard for me to decide which one i wanted.They had banners for everyone and theme that you could possibly imagine!They were all so cute and at great prices for a mommy on a budget!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Country Style Wedding Favors

I've been looking for wedding favors for the longest time now.Finally I found a place with the right prices for someone on a budget.It was also hard for me to find favors that had the country style,and the hardest part was trying to figure out what to choose from!I love these little boot holders,and they fit my style that I was looking for.I'm so happy with what i found and with my purchases I made.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Curvy Cute Plus Size Swimwear

I love to swim,but since I've had four kids,lets just say i don't have the same body shape like I use to.That doesn't mean i will stop going to the beach or pool just because i have some more curves than i like!I found some plus size swimwear and they had everything and more that i wanted and was looking for.This swimsuit has the halter top that i like,shows off some curves you have,but in a good way,and kinda covers up the thighs which i love!This swimsuit fits my style and I am one satisfied woman:)