Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Everything You Need For Your Wedding!

Your wedding day is suppose to be everything you dreamed of. And, it can be with the help of a couple places that I came across today! Mybridesmaidsgifts.com has some amazing choices for your guests and bridesmaids as a way of thanking them. You can find something as simple as a personalized handbag or robe that they can use way after the wedding is over!
Give them something that says that you appreciate them as much as you do! With so many choices in affordable and quality bridesmaids gifts, you could afford to give more than one! Check them out today and their sister site Americanbridal.com for everything you need for planning your perfect wedding day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Right Wedding Bands For a Lifetime!

When choosing the most important rings of your life, its important to know what type of engagement rings, mens wedding bands and, wedding rings are out there! With so many choices of metals, styles and, traditional settings, you may feel overwhelmed. That's why I always say, "Knowledge is power!" Questions you may have is what type of metal is best for me? What are the pros and cons of these different precious metals and how can I find out about these? I would like to share a little secret that I have passed onto many of my friends when it came time to choose their wedding rings. By far, the most interesting and, knowledgable sight for really getting to know what to expect from each type of wedding band material such as, Palladium, Platinum and white gold. Titanium-jewelry has a education section on their site to help you make a educated decision, and, with their top notch customer service, they are there to help! Do yourself a favor and skip the endless search of knowledge and, check Titanium-jewelry.com out and learn from the best! You may find that perfect ring that you've always been looking for!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Girls Love Biscotti Dresses!

We know what my little fashion Diva wants to wear! The beautiful styles of Biscotti dresses are always a favorite with little girls during the upcoming holidays! The new Biscotti dress Collection will thrill little girls that love to dress up! Just in time for the holidays new items are arriving weekly at Sandboxcouture.com! Check out all the holiday baby clothes, outfits, and dresses you need to make your little girl shine this season at Sandbox Couture today!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Simply the Best in Designer Baby Clothes!

Simply the best in designer baby clothes, Estella-nyc.com has always made a huge statement when it comes to dressing up for those special events or occasions! With attention to the smallest details is what makes this online baby store so irresistible and sought after. With so many European inspired clothes for stylish kids, its hard to choose just one little outfit! Shopping for my kid's has always been so much fun, so when I came across all the beautiful kids clothes here, I couldn't stop myself from shopping for the rest of the kids in the family. Well lets just say I have a big jump on my Holiday shopping list!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Planning A Wedding?

Planning Your wedding is such an exciting time! Don't let the stress of all your planning get to you! You enough to do when planning your wedding, make it easier with the help of Americanbridal.com! Looking for a fast and easy way to get those wedding invitations that are beautiful, affordable? Take a look at the biggest selection of wedding invitations online!
You can get everything you need for the wedding, including bridesmaids gifts, bridal shower, and wedding favors, and more. You can purchase everything you need to for your wedding in just one place! Americanbridal.com has the widest selection of wedding invitations online!
Receive a 25% discount off the retail cost when ordering Carlson Craft wedding invitations! And, don't forget to check out the New Fall items that just arrived for that special Fall Wedding theme!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ideas for Holidays!

Baby Clothes like this cute little girls outfit can be a great Halloween idea! Super cool and super comfortable, little ones can stay warm and look good too! I always love finding such cute little outfits for my little girl and, wanted to share this with everyone! Check out all the Holiday ideas for little girls and boys at my favorite online store, Sandboxcouture.com!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to Purchase Bridesmaid Gifts

If you are reading this, chances are you are going to be having a wedding soon and are looking for help in selecting bridesmaids gifts that are cute, represent your style and are usable for your bridesmaids. I have to be honest though, I cannot tell you EXACTLY what to get because just as every wedding has a different theme or style, so does the Br

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Kids Clothes for Hunger

When hunger strikes, people who really care stand up to the cause. When emergency situations arise such as conflict, natural disasters, war, hunger, and long-term assistance, programs are in place for company's to become involved in. One of the tools that they employ in their fight against hunger is a product called Plumy'nut. Featured on CBS's 60 minutes and other prominent media, Plumpy'nut is a prepackaged, easy to administer peanut butter based concoction that helps severely malnourished children (6 months to 5 years old) recover from starvation. Estella-nyc. com on online retailer of, Designer Baby clothes and, kids clothes, has partnered with the Action Against Hunger. During the Fall 2000 season, they will make and sell a plumpy'nut bracelet and donate all the profits to the purchase of plumpy'nuts. They would like to encourage people to join the fight against world hunger in general and specifically against childhood malnutrition. For more information on Action Against Hunger, please visit: AAH-usa.com

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chic Bassinets for Baby!

Whenever I think of my little girl, I always want the best for her. As, Im sure all parents want the best for their own kids. I seem to always be searching for the best in quality and style of whatever I buy for her. Wheather is be new baby clothes, toys, shoes, or shampoo! With the huge jump in the baby market there are some really amazing things out there for kids that we didnt have growing up! I'm always coming across the newest lines of baby furniture, and, cant beleive in over the year my little girl was born they have come out with even better bassinets! If I were to have another I would defineatly take one or two of these beauties for the new baby!