Thursday, January 3, 2013

Waxing Poetic Jewelry Is The Answer

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a while now, and it is starting to get a little more challenging to buy gifts for each other every time and event or holiday comes up. I have to say; however, he is still doing very well. Even after we exchanged Christmas gifts, he got me a New Years gift. I felt so special when he gave it to me because it is so me. He knows how much I love jewelry, and not just the diamonds and everything, I like more of the rustic, home made kind of look. It was so perfect because it matched my outfit and it was just so perfect in the moment. I got so many complements on it, and everyone was asking me about it. I love it so much, and have worn it so many times. I actually even sometimes find myself buying clothes thinking, 'oh this would look good with my ring'.
Getting gifts from your boyfriend is always great, but when you get gifts that show how much your loved one cares for you.
My amazing waxing poetic ring!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Get That Homey Feeling With McCalls Candles

I moved into my first place a week ago, and after putting everything away and setting up everything I have, I must say the one thing that makes my house feel most homey is definitely my McCalls Candles. They fill my house with the most amazing, warming scents. I love that they offer more than the usual candle scents and have some unique combinations of scents. My favorite so far is the cinnamon and cranberries candle. One, it matches the color scheme in my living room right now, and two, it smells so amazing and just gives me such a comforting feeling. After I bought my first one, I had to get at least one for every room of my new place. A lot of people have stopped over to see the new place, and the first thing they mention is how amazing it smells. I cannot wait to have my house warming party, and everyone will be able to smell it! The best part about these candles is that they are such a great price. Candles like these, that actually fill the room with an amazing scent are usually way too expensive. These definitely fit into my budget.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cooking Disasters

I have been trying really hard lately to become a domestic diva. I love to cook and bake but lately, I'm going through cooking disasters. Last Thursday (wow a week ago already) my Pyrex pan, that I just bought, shattered in pieces! I know, how scary! Here is how it went...

 After a long day I decided I would make myself lasagna, it is one of my favorites, (however, it should be noted that I don't usually ever make lasagna so this was a treat...that soon turned into a disaster. After preparing everything and popping the dish into the oven, I let it cook for the appropriate time, I took out the oven and set it on top of the stove to cool. I went back to the couch and a few minutes later heard a huge POW, and there it was, shattered glass everywhere, and I mean everywhere! The hard work I put into the lasagna laid on top of my stove with shards of glass in it, while my kitchen, stove, and oven were all plastered in glass. I was so emotional that day I just started bawling. I cried cleaning up glass for a whole hour and then felt bad for myself and ordered a cheeseburger :)

2 days later I got the courage to bake sugar Christmas cookies from scratch, which also turned into a cooking disaster. Little did I know that cookies taste terrible when using whole wheat flour. After lots of time and work I threw a whole batch of cookies away! I was so angry, but honestly the cookies tasted like dog treats mixed with cardboard. The next day I got the courage to re-bake them and when using the right flour they actually turned out! YAY!

2 days after that I decided to whip up a chicken dish. I really don't like handling raw chicken because I feel like it just spreads germs everywhere. I read a recipe online for the 'juiciest chicken breasts', and thought how easy! Well, after a few minutes of doing as the recipe said smoke wouldn't stop rushing out from beneath the pan. I thought I was going to start a fire, or at least set off the fire alarms, thankfully neither happened. But I did smoke out my whole apartment and threw away the pan I burnt the chicken in. I tell you I'm giving up on cooking! UGH! I'll be ordering take out tonight.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bowing Down to Michael Kors

Okay, it has to be said. Michael Kors is a fashion God. Yes, this may be materialistic of me but don't you agree? I'm an accessory junkie (if you can't already tell by my blog) I love handbags, jewelry (especially chunky necklaces and rings), scarves, wallets, you name it. I especially love huge, organic looking bags or totes like this one.
Michael Kors Bedford bag

I'm also big into detailing such as buckles, buttons or intricate embroidery. I appreciate a good design and notice quality, that is why I love designer handbags. Growing up my Mom always said they weren't worth it, boy was she wrong! I'm completely opposite of her in that regard because I go ga ga for a nice handbag. I'm hoping this one will be underneath my Christmas tree.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

champagne, custom wedding ring, girls night

Last night my boyfriend and I went out with another couple for a couple beers. Well, a couple beers turned into staying out till bar close. Lets just say I'm still not feeling the greatest. I am not able to go out like I used to, that I know. Drinking till late night never used to keep me out of service the whole next day. *ugh* now I know why I have become a home body.

Don't get me wrong I may feel under the weather today but I had a blast last night. Even though I spend to much money, danced to hard and drank lots of calories I am glad I did it. I a fun crew of girls a few years older than me (you know how that goes). 

I had no idea who the girls were prior to last night but what attracted me to them was a diamond ring. I noticed a big sparkly diamond on the girl the moment I saw her. Being the girl I am and having the alcoholic courage I decided to tell her just how much I loved her ring (you know how that goes). To my surprise she was flattered and not creeped out (girls understand each other especially when it comes to diamond talk). We got to chatting and she told me her and her husband had created the custom wedding ring together! I have heard of such rings but never have seen one in person. Literally amazing! I wish I would have taken a picture but it looked something similar to this