Sunday, December 2, 2012

champagne, custom wedding ring, girls night

Last night my boyfriend and I went out with another couple for a couple beers. Well, a couple beers turned into staying out till bar close. Lets just say I'm still not feeling the greatest. I am not able to go out like I used to, that I know. Drinking till late night never used to keep me out of service the whole next day. *ugh* now I know why I have become a home body.

Don't get me wrong I may feel under the weather today but I had a blast last night. Even though I spend to much money, danced to hard and drank lots of calories I am glad I did it. I a fun crew of girls a few years older than me (you know how that goes). 

I had no idea who the girls were prior to last night but what attracted me to them was a diamond ring. I noticed a big sparkly diamond on the girl the moment I saw her. Being the girl I am and having the alcoholic courage I decided to tell her just how much I loved her ring (you know how that goes). To my surprise she was flattered and not creeped out (girls understand each other especially when it comes to diamond talk). We got to chatting and she told me her and her husband had created the custom wedding ring together! I have heard of such rings but never have seen one in person. Literally amazing! I wish I would have taken a picture but it looked something similar to this


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