Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Ceasers Pizza

At first, I'll admit I wasn't a fan. Being that they just opened one up in my hometown, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt that when I bought the pizza they were still trying to figure things out. But I must say, for pizza that is only $5 and is ready for you when you walk in. C'mon you can't go wrong with that. Plus, they've got those amazing bread sticks. So all in all, Little Ceaser's gets my stamp of approval, which I'll admit its difficult at times.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stick Up Bulb Review

This device, in my opinion, was a pretty good idea. Essentially this is a light bulb that is wireless and may be placed anywhere. The trick is that it is battery operated. Many users found it very convenient, easy to use, the plastic was shatterproof, and was cool to the touch. Now for the flop in the product. Nothing can be perfect, right? Due to the fact that this is battery operated, most of the time the bulbs did not last very long. They had an average life span of 3.5 hours before needing another battery change. Overall it seems like a great product in my opinion, if you do not need to use it for hours consecutively it may be something worth purchasing.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Owl Optical Wallet Light

This product is designed to be a small and convenient gadget that you can take anywhere and will magnify and illuminate small print for easy reading. This product does do as promised. Many reviewers shared that it is slim and easy to place in the wallet, as well as have the capability to magnify things up to 3X. Many also shared that when the product was received it was defective, and others felt the luminosity provided was not enough. All in all, one would have to be their own judge for this.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Invisible Tummy Trimmer

This product uses a lightweight stretch fabric with a reinforced front and back panel. Essentially the objective is to create the illusion of losing ten pounds instantly for women. Based off of reviews many did not find this realistic, and were rather disappointed in the results. Overall the product isn't uncomfortable, so it is easy to wear. But the negatives, it does not flatten the tummy much, and has a tendency to ride up and defeat the purpose of the product all together. In a nutshell, this product would be given a D. Barley passing but not impressive.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lab Coat

A great  lab coat can be found right online at Medelita.  They have a great selection of medical scrubs, medical clogs and physician coats.  And now there is no reason to be uncomfortable during your work day.  And they are actualy flattering as well.

Mens Wedding Rings

When it comes to mens wedding rings you have to check out the great selection that they have at Titanium Jewelry. They not only have a great selection for men but also for women. And you can get matching wedding rings is you would like too. They have everything from tunsten to palladium and from titanium to benchmark. Shop online for your jewelry because you will save money.

Physicians Coats

When it comes to you work apparel you want something that is going to last. Sure you can go out and get those physician's coats at a discounted store or site but is it really going to last? In the long run you will be paying more for the replacements and the shipping rather than just going out once and getting something that is high quality and is going to last.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Love For Plus Size Swimsuits

It's really hard for me to find plus size swimsuits that I actually like and feel comfortable in.  I usually don't get my hopes up when I look for swimsuits.  When I found this plus size swimsuit I was so excited! Its so cute and I feel so comfortable in it. I love going out in a swimsuit now.  It's great because I got it at a great price too.


If the groomer is too expensive this device is to relieve your troubles. Designed to cut the nails of cats and dogs, pain free and efficiently, one can be satisfied with the use of this product. Based off of reviews it was a mixture. The sound of the device has a tendency to scare the animal, and in addition doesn't work on thicker nails. But on the bright side it is cheaper than the groomer, and it is safer for the animal than using nail clippers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Go Duster

This product is a mechanical device that spins at the press of a button. It's intended use is to make dusting significantly easier. It is to replace rags and old clothes. The long green fibers are to attract and retain dust, and since the product is thin, it can fit in smaller tight spaces. Overall the product reviews were mixed. Some complained that the device can be noisy, but the head is easy to detach and wash. Overall this product is right at a 50% it seems.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Top Cupcake

This product essentially makes a giant cupcake from one box of cake mix. The product is two silicone pieces. One for the bottom half of the cupcake and the other for the topper. There is also an insert that it comes with for fillings and puddings to be placed within the cake. Momst of the reviews on this product were positive. There were a few that stated that they were disapppinted with the size. But other than that this product seems to be a descent purchase. In addition if the cake were to turn out lopsided, it makes it easy to carve into the ideal shape.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Fitting Plus Size Bathing Suits

When I was looking for plus size bathing suits,I wasn't planning on finding anything that I would really fall in love with.I have wide hips so I need a swimsuit to kinda make everything else even and fit my body.I found this great bathing suit and I absolutely love it.It fits me perfect and just looks great on!

Snuggie for Dogs

Much like the products for human, the wonderful outside-of-the-box thinkers have come up with the lovable Snuggie for dogs. If you need a review on this product please refer to the older blog posts about the one for people. But simply...I'm just gonna shake my head and walk away from this one.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adorable Wedding Favors!

For my friends wedding, they had a 'geek' theme. They met on the internet, and began working together creating websites, so the theme matched perfectly. For their wedding favor, they wanted something that would match their theme. They looked all over, but couldn't find anything that was practical or in their price range. Finally, they looked online and found these adorable 'we clicked' wedding favors, and they matched perfectly! Everyone at the wedding absolutely loved them.

Fountain Valley Jewelers!

My moms birthday was coming up, and I really wanted to get her something special to show her how much I care. Initially I was at a loss on what to get her. But then, it hit me! Why not get her a new ring. She's constantly complaining about how few rings she has to wear, and how many of them are falling apart, so I wanted to get her a very nice one. I began looking at jewelers, but couldn't find anything that looked great enough. Finally I found Fountain Valley Jewelers, and they had amazing rings. It was actually hard to pick just one! When my mom received this, she had a large mix of emotions, so I knew she loved it. She couldn't stop thanking me for this beautiful gift!

Dryer Balls

Despite the fact how odd this item looks according to reviews they do hold up to the promise of adding fluff to laundry while in the dryer. Though the other promise was that it was to reduce static, this notion did flop. In addition the dryer balls do create a bit of noise.

Perfect Plus Size Swimsuits!

My mom just planned our first 'real' family vacation to Costa Rica. Our activities planned were mainly snorkeling, swimming, and beach fun. But when I heard my mom was self concious in a swimsuit, and wouldn't be participating in the fun, I had to help out! I started looking for swimsuits that were stylish, yet covering. I found one in town, but the price was incredibly high. I then took my searches to the internet. Immediately I found the perfect plus size swimsuits. When I ordered it, the measurements were right on, and it fit her perfectly. Now she can have fun on vacation too!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Comfortable Mens Titanium Rings!

My husbands birthday was coming up, and I didn't know what to get him. I started looking all over town, but couldn't find anything. I looked at motocross gear, and hunting accessories, but couldn't find anything. Finally, I found these Mens Titanium rings, and knew he'd love it! When he got it, he was so surprised on how great the comfort was.

Wrecking Balm

Nowadays a lot of people have tattoos. Some they love, and some they honestly regret. But something like a tattoo is pretty permanent unless you have stomach harsh pain and can cough up the money to afford laser removal. That's where this product, Wrecking Balm, steps in. The manufacturer claims that with just a few treatments the tattoo will fade. Though the manufacturer does shares that essentially laser treatment is the only sure fire way to completely get rid of that tattoo, Wrecking Balm helps fade the tattoo but will still be visible. According to reviews the product does work but usually takes months, typically up to six. It can cause irritation and does have a tendency to sting. But on the bright side the manufacturer does offer a 60 day money back guarantee. So not all is lost if it doesn't work for you. At least you could always give it a try.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Ah, a product to cure the hangover before it even begins to start. Amazing!! Well does it work? According to the reviews some say that they didn't have a single feeling of a hangover the next morning, while others share that they wondrous feelings of hangovers were still lingering as usually. So its a toss up it seems. But in order for this product to work as is promised, the pills need to be taken while the drinking is occurring. Cannot occur before nor after. Some pros, it is made of natural ingredients, and as stated before does work for some drinkers. The Cons, it does have to be taken in intervals, and may have some side effects. Some users shared of having a "buzzing sensation".

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebrity Sexy Teeth

This product wasn't advertised on TV but was heavily advertised all over the internet. This products slogan guaranteed eight shades whiter teeth in as little as 14 days. Sounds like a miracle product, right? Well as with almost anything that seems too good to be true, this product was. Let's begin listing the cons: the product was expensive, many users did not have any results and considered it a scam, it was not ADA approved, customers whom purchased the product shared that there were many unauthorized charges, and they never received their rebates as promised. According to Consumer Search, there were no pros with this product.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

George Foreman 360 Grill

A very popular product and infomercial. Former boxer turned entrepreneur. The George Foreman grill is intended to make cooking food easier, and healthier. As demonstrated multiple times, the fats and grease simply are drained into a little dish. After all, a person who names a product after themselves must strongly believe in thier product and it must work, right? Well truth be told, it does. Having used several models from a personal perspective it does making cooking a lot simpler. Whether it would be thick steaks, ore hamburgers, it worked every time. In addition, cleaning was very simple and easy. Now some cons that were based on some customer testimonials would be that this particular model does not heat as quickly as previous models, and it is extremely expensive. Overall the product works well, but due to expense other outlets may be a better choice.