Thursday, December 20, 2012

Get That Homey Feeling With McCalls Candles

I moved into my first place a week ago, and after putting everything away and setting up everything I have, I must say the one thing that makes my house feel most homey is definitely my McCalls Candles. They fill my house with the most amazing, warming scents. I love that they offer more than the usual candle scents and have some unique combinations of scents. My favorite so far is the cinnamon and cranberries candle. One, it matches the color scheme in my living room right now, and two, it smells so amazing and just gives me such a comforting feeling. After I bought my first one, I had to get at least one for every room of my new place. A lot of people have stopped over to see the new place, and the first thing they mention is how amazing it smells. I cannot wait to have my house warming party, and everyone will be able to smell it! The best part about these candles is that they are such a great price. Candles like these, that actually fill the room with an amazing scent are usually way too expensive. These definitely fit into my budget.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cooking Disasters

I have been trying really hard lately to become a domestic diva. I love to cook and bake but lately, I'm going through cooking disasters. Last Thursday (wow a week ago already) my Pyrex pan, that I just bought, shattered in pieces! I know, how scary! Here is how it went...

 After a long day I decided I would make myself lasagna, it is one of my favorites, (however, it should be noted that I don't usually ever make lasagna so this was a treat...that soon turned into a disaster. After preparing everything and popping the dish into the oven, I let it cook for the appropriate time, I took out the oven and set it on top of the stove to cool. I went back to the couch and a few minutes later heard a huge POW, and there it was, shattered glass everywhere, and I mean everywhere! The hard work I put into the lasagna laid on top of my stove with shards of glass in it, while my kitchen, stove, and oven were all plastered in glass. I was so emotional that day I just started bawling. I cried cleaning up glass for a whole hour and then felt bad for myself and ordered a cheeseburger :)

2 days later I got the courage to bake sugar Christmas cookies from scratch, which also turned into a cooking disaster. Little did I know that cookies taste terrible when using whole wheat flour. After lots of time and work I threw a whole batch of cookies away! I was so angry, but honestly the cookies tasted like dog treats mixed with cardboard. The next day I got the courage to re-bake them and when using the right flour they actually turned out! YAY!

2 days after that I decided to whip up a chicken dish. I really don't like handling raw chicken because I feel like it just spreads germs everywhere. I read a recipe online for the 'juiciest chicken breasts', and thought how easy! Well, after a few minutes of doing as the recipe said smoke wouldn't stop rushing out from beneath the pan. I thought I was going to start a fire, or at least set off the fire alarms, thankfully neither happened. But I did smoke out my whole apartment and threw away the pan I burnt the chicken in. I tell you I'm giving up on cooking! UGH! I'll be ordering take out tonight.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bowing Down to Michael Kors

Okay, it has to be said. Michael Kors is a fashion God. Yes, this may be materialistic of me but don't you agree? I'm an accessory junkie (if you can't already tell by my blog) I love handbags, jewelry (especially chunky necklaces and rings), scarves, wallets, you name it. I especially love huge, organic looking bags or totes like this one.
Michael Kors Bedford bag

I'm also big into detailing such as buckles, buttons or intricate embroidery. I appreciate a good design and notice quality, that is why I love designer handbags. Growing up my Mom always said they weren't worth it, boy was she wrong! I'm completely opposite of her in that regard because I go ga ga for a nice handbag. I'm hoping this one will be underneath my Christmas tree.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

champagne, custom wedding ring, girls night

Last night my boyfriend and I went out with another couple for a couple beers. Well, a couple beers turned into staying out till bar close. Lets just say I'm still not feeling the greatest. I am not able to go out like I used to, that I know. Drinking till late night never used to keep me out of service the whole next day. *ugh* now I know why I have become a home body.

Don't get me wrong I may feel under the weather today but I had a blast last night. Even though I spend to much money, danced to hard and drank lots of calories I am glad I did it. I a fun crew of girls a few years older than me (you know how that goes). 

I had no idea who the girls were prior to last night but what attracted me to them was a diamond ring. I noticed a big sparkly diamond on the girl the moment I saw her. Being the girl I am and having the alcoholic courage I decided to tell her just how much I loved her ring (you know how that goes). To my surprise she was flattered and not creeped out (girls understand each other especially when it comes to diamond talk). We got to chatting and she told me her and her husband had created the custom wedding ring together! I have heard of such rings but never have seen one in person. Literally amazing! I wish I would have taken a picture but it looked something similar to this

Saturday, December 1, 2012

DIY for the gardener

Have you crossed everyone off your Christmas list? Me either. It seems every year I wait later and later. I wish I could be those people that have all their Christmas shopping done before December 1, but who am I kidding that probably won't ever happen.

What I am doing differently this year is making some of my own Christmas gifts. Unlike years prior where I just buy all of my gifts I have decided to try something new. With the weather being mild I figured I should take advantage and get some projects done outside.

My Mom is a big gardener and nature walker. She isn't into material items so she wouldn't necessarily appreciate a store bought gift vs. a hand made gift. I have these really cute teacups and saw ideas on Pinterest how to make this cute teacup bird feeder. It seems easy enough and it's so cute! I love that there are minimal supplies and not much handy work. Will you be making any of your Christmas gifts this year?

Find step by step directions here.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blake Lively aka Best Hairstyles!

No matter the day it seems Blake Lively has the perfect hair. So not fair. She can pull of the just-rolled-out-if-bed look like nobody's business. I would kill to have her hair styles! Seriously. Not to mention her fashion sense, which is also to die for.
Loving this side part with a chunky braid! 
blake lively blake lively
Add a little accessory to add a punch of feminine  
BLAKE LIVELY photo | Blake Lively
Even a simple pulled back style suits Blake 
BLAKE LIVELY: 2009 photo | Blake Lively
A sleek bun pulled back is the perfect way to show off those beautiful facial features! BLAKE LIVELY photo | Blake Lively
Simple straight strands never go out of style. 

What Do Girls and Romantic Products Have in Common?

The other night one of my girlfriends had a sex toy party. Being a college student and having a sex toy party means getting the girls together, drinking wine, and passing around dildos all while trying out romantic products such as lubes, oils, and potions. This may not sound like the most ideal night for some but for my group of girls it means getting away from everyday rigors to hang loose.

I have never been to one of these parties without alcohol and lots of giggly girls. If you haven't ever been to a party you are missing out! No, seriously. There is nothing more fun than getting silly with your girlfriends and enjoying a night out on the town.

Unique Mens Cobalt Wedding Band

Finding a wedding band for my husband was probably the easiest part of planning the whole wedding.. surprisingly. We probably only looked at three rings before we found the perfect ring. We love the way it's cut. It is so different than any other wedding band I have seen even though it isn't really a crazy design or anything. The best part was that it was a mens cobalt wedding band. We looked at many different kinds and we liked the cobalt the best, so when we realized this one was cobalt we were so excited. Cobalt wedding bands are really a great choice. They are so durable and last for so long. How could you not trust something with a lifetime warranty on it? There are not enough words to describe how I felt putting that ring on his finger on our wedding day.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Will you DIY or Buy?

With the ever popular Pinterest at our fingertips it seems DIY projects, crafts, beauty regimen and even Christmas gifts are an endless supply. I don't know about you but most of the gifts I'm giving this year will be homemade  Is that necessarily a bad thing? I don't think so. In fact, I think it means more to give/receive homemade gifts. I even make my own wrapping paper! (Or at least I'm going to try but that is a whole other story)

Of course making gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, grandparents, siblings and parents are "easy" because they love everything, or at least they are "supposed" to that you give them. However, when it comes to gifts for kids it's a different story, at least that's what I discovered.

So I gave my nephew a homemade gift for his birthday, which was about a month ago. Well turns out he didn't like it! I almost cried! I was actually super embarrassed  So, when it comes to him I will buy. I'm already planning on getting him a baseball card pack, a really cool one so I he thinks I'm cool again. I don't want to be known as the aunt that sends a bunny costume (name that movie).

I know the holidays, and birthdays for that matter, aren't all about the gifts. But being an aunt, you will totally understand if you are one, you want to impress and make your little nieces and nephews happy (plus you want to spoil them a little)! And the moral of the story is, know to DIY and who to buy for.

Friday, November 23, 2012

What I Love About Engagement Rings From Orange County

Some people may think I am crazy, but I just have this thing for looking at engagement rings. I don't see myself as one of those girls who just looks and looks because I am needing to get engaged as soon as I can. Looking at rings is like looking at clothes or even art for some people.  I find them so beautiful. My ring collection at home is almost a bit ridiculous, but I am still proud. I have got to say though, engagement rings from Orange County are by far my favorite. They are so elegant and unique and so different than any other place. I find if you are looking for something that is more than just a band and a diamond, you should go here. 
Something I really like about this place is that you can create your own engagement ring. I absolutely love the idea of a man helping design something completely new and different that no one else has. I have a pretty unique style, so it may be hard for someone to look for a wedding ring for me, and creating his own style would be so perfect! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday party + Plus size cocktail dress = Best Holiday Mix!

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about the holidays is the excuse to dress up. What girl doesn't love to get fancy and sip on champagne? The holidays are the perfect excuse to buy yourself a fancy cocktail dress.

One of my really good friends invited me to her work Christmas party. She just graduated college and is working as a nurse for a hospital. Now that she has a "big girl job" she has the opportunity to dress up for formal Holiday parties! Yay! She felt a little weird going to the party herself so she thought it would be a great idea to bring me (her "filler" bf) ;)

The party is in about two weeks which means I need to get shopping! I'm thinking about this cute plus size cocktail dress. What do you think? I don't want to spend a ton of money and I want something I can wear again. I think this is a classy dress that can be worn again with either boots and tights, a cropped jacket, or with a casual sweater. This dress is a good investment and a great excuse to shop online :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ornate Engagement Rings To Fit Your Style

My fiance knows me too well. I am really into old fashioned things. My style is very vintage and anything but ordinary. When he opened the box I saw the most ornate engagement ring. It was absolutely beautiful, and my heart melted just thinking that he  didn't want to get me something typical and actually went above and beyond for me. The pearl is so classic and timeless. It made me feel so special and loved. I have gotten so many complements on it, and I can't stop staring at it. I love knowing that I probably won't see anyone else with the same ring as me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daddy Gifts - Tungsten Ring

Daddy's day is coming up Sunday June 17...are you ready?! I know I'm not! I always seem to put off gift buying and it is a horrible habit I need to break. Today, I was pinning and I found a great gift for my Dad, a tungsten ring.

I never thought my Dad was that guy that was into jewelry but it turns out he is! Who would have thought. He peeked over my shoulder when I was pinning this morning and said that he would love one. It never fails my Dad always finds out what his gift is going to be. I plan on ordering my dad a fun, stylish design that he can wear for daily casual wear as a special gift of love from his favorite daughter :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awesome Jeans!

As soon as I saw these Miss Me Jeans, I just had to get them. They have the shape of Texas on the back pockets and I fell in love right when I saw them. I was freaking out and couldn't wait to get them in the mail. I've seen a couple of girls have the cowhide studded back pockets and I think they are really cute and eye-catching.

I'm no a big fan of the pockets that have the buttons on the pack. I like an open pocket and sometimes the buttons hurt to sit on, so I normally stay away from those. I am so excited for these jeans and my sister is going to love them too! She is such a jean freak and has so many pairs, and I can't believe she doesn't have these!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Loving Boots

I just ordered these Justin Boots online and I can not wait to get them. I have a black pair just like them, and they are so comfortable and I can wear them all day. You can never have to many pair of boots. They can work with anything you wear, jeans, dresses, or shorts. They make so many styles in boots now that you name it they got it.

I like the different styles for different outfits. I have a specific boot for every occasion. It's kind of embarrassing but it works! I have work boots, boots for going out with the girls, and a specific boot for each dress I have. I love wearing them and they are so comfortable. I am also guaranteed not to fall down in boots as much as I do in heels!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birthday Gifts

My sister bought me this clutch for my birthday and I love it. I don't like to carry purses that often, but when I do I like for them to look good. I use to only bring around huge purses that carried my whole life in them, now I'm really liking the little purses that only fit so much.It makes it easier to find things, and it is also easier to clean out too!

I love this Coach purse and it is the perfect size. It also goes with anything. Sometimes I like to get crazy designs for purses, but they are hard to match with every outfit you wear. This clutch matches perfectly with almost anything! It's always a plus to get a neutral color and then you can wear anything. If you like crazy colors for a purse, use it as an accessory and you wear neutral colors.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Go Out In Miss Me Jeans

I have these Miss Me Jeans and I just love them. They are my favorite pair of jeans I've had so far. They are so easy to dress up in and go out with the girls, or to just go hang out and relax. I get so many compliments on them and I am almost debating on getting another pair.
I think Miss Me's are so comfortable and so durable too. They are pretty much the only jeans I wear and they are so cute. Any pair of these jeans that you wear will always look good. They aren't the cheapest jeans out there, but they aren't to expensive either. In my opinion though, they are totally worth it, because of how long they last and how comfortable they are.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Turquoise Jewelry

I want this Turquoise Ring so badly. I just think it is beautiful. It's simple but eye catching. I love Turquoise and I think it is a long lost gem. We don't see it as often. I love wearing Turquoise and it's pretty much all I wear. This ring is so cool and I am hoping to get it. I love the arrow and feather style band it has on it.

I hope that when I get married I can incorporate some type of diamond ring with Turquoise mixed in to it. It's just a gorgeous gem and the color is beautiful. I remember my mom wearing Turquoise all the time along with my grandma and I always thought it was so pretty. They looked beautiful with it. Maybe that's why I like it so much is because of my mother and grandmother.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vehicle Accessories

This was a birthday present we gave to our daughter and she thinks it is so cool. They are seat covers for your vehicle that are camouflage with a touch of pink on them. They were perfect for her and she likes them alot. She has a new puppy and she loves to take him everywhere, and it also helps protect her seats for a wet or dirty dog too.

They have anything these days to decorate your vehicle and so far she has seat covers, a steering wheel cover, and floor mats. Next she said was a seat cover for her whole back seat. Next thing I know she will be coming home with stickers or decals all over her vehicle and I won't even be able to recognize it. One benefit it though, that it is really easy to find in a parking lot filled with cars!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yoga Pants

What girl doesn't love yoga pants. I was a little iffy about them when they first came out. I didn't really like how tight they fit on girls and I didn't think they were for me. When my roommate had them and told me to try on a pair and wear them I didn't want to. After she convinced me to wear them, I really did like them.

They are so comfortable to wear and just lounge around in. They are perfect for a lazy day, or going to class and just wanting to be comfortable for the day. Now I love to wear them and wear them for half the week. They may be kind of tight, but now that every girl wears them no one even cares anymore. They are just perfect for a morning from a long night and you can do anything in them. I love to exercise with them, because they are light and stretchy too.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Looking Good and Representing

My dad got this browning sweatshirt from Gander Mountain the other day and it is so comfortable. I also love the fact that it is pink too! I love the ribbed cuffs which gives it a nice and snug fit on your arms. I wear sweatshirts all of the time. They are just so comfortable and cozy. My dad knows me all to well.

Of course I am a daddy's girl and I love to do whatever he is doing. We go out hunting all the time, but most of the time it's him shooting something, and I am just along for the experience. I do some shooting, but I just like to get in the outdoors with him and spend time with him. I love going out in the early mornings and staying out late in the night for the nights hunt. It's always a good time with him, and of course I got to look good when I go out. You never know who you will run in to out in the woods.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great Digital Camera

I just purchased this camera at Best Buy the other day and so far I really like it. I broke my other one a couple months ago and I finally decided it was time to get a new one. I'm going on a trip so it was perfect timing. It takes such clear pictures and yet it just the perfect size for carrying around in your purse.

I love Canon Cameras. They are the only cameras I really like and I love that I can rely on them. They are really good quality and they last forever..unless your reckless sometimes like me and run the camera over..whoops. This camera is the Canon- PowerShot ELPH 300 HS with 12.1 megapixel Digital Camera. I got it in red, because it stands out and unique. I've only had it for a few days and I already love it and the quality of the pictures. It also has fun effects you can play with too. It's a fun camera to have and the perfect size.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun Swimsuits for 2012

This is such a cute swim suit from Victoria Secret. Yes, I do agree that there swimsuits are over priced, but they are just so cute. When I wear a swimsuit, I'm not the most confident while wearing one, so when I do, I like to wear a really cute one. I do believe it is true that when you wear something you really like or think is cute, you feel more confident.

I love shopping at at VS and I am thinking about getting this swimsuit. It's cute and flattering. I love the colors and the tube top. White also makes you look more tan too! I also love the cute bejeweled flower they put on it. This is a good lay out on the beach and relax type swimsuit.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun Summer Footwear

I love Old Navy's flip flops. They last me all year long and they are at such a great price. You can choose from pretty much any color and they are pretty decent on comfort too. They are the flip flops that you can use to dress up, go out to the beach, or get dirty in.

You can use these flip flops for anything. I love them and they last me a perfect year for summer or longer. They can last forever really, depending if you like your foot print in them after 2 years. I love them and they last me a while. I need to save money and you can get really cute ones, or plain ones for the same price.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Perfect Titanium Wedding Bands

My husband finally found his wedding band. I don't know how many we looked at,but he finally decided on one of the titanium wedding bands. I am so happy with his choice and that we found what he was looking for. I think this ring is gorgeous and is really his style too.

We looked at so many different styles of rings for him that it was hard to choose! I couldn't imagine for him on how hard it was to choose my ring! We had an amazing time shopping for rings, and I honestly think he picked the best one out there for him. It's not to flashy, but it's not to simple either. I think it is just right for him and he is so happy with his choice.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unique and Fun Swimsuit

I fell in love with this swimsuit as soon as I saw it. It is just so gorgeous and I love the sequins and the different colors. I'm going to Florida for a vacation with friends in a few weeks and I still didn't have a swim suit. Right when I saw this I new I had to get it. It got shipped in a few days and I just love it. I can not wait to wear it out on the beach and relax.

I haven't really seen a swimsuit like this yet and I love it. I love shopping at Victoria Secret and I can never just walk in and walk out. I always see something very cool and very sexy too. I am so excited for vacation and the best part is shopping before and during the trip too!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Great Birthday Gift

I got this Canon Camera for my birthday last month and so far I am loving it. I broke my old camera a few months ago and I have been lost with out it. I just really couldn't afford a camera so I was waiting to get one.

My boyfriend bought me this camera and I was so shocked. It was the exact one I wanted and I was so happy when I opened it. I love taking pictures with friends and family. We take so many trips and vacations, I like to capture it all. I thought I was going to have to go to Florida without a camera, but now I will get to capture all the fun and beauty we come across. It's going to be such a fun time I can't wait!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple Wedding Dresses

This was one of the wedding dresses my sister had it narrowed down to. This one was my favorite, because it was simple and so gorgeous. I am in love with this dress and I thought she looked stunning in it. I love the sweetheart top and the really unique straps on it.

We found so many great and affordable dresses that it was hard to pick the final one. She isn't telling the one she picked out, but she showed us the final three choices. I am so happy for her in all of the ones she picked out. She will look gorgeous no matter what. It is going to be a great wedding and her dress will be beautiful.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Custom Wedding Rings

My very smart husband to be asked me one day: "what would you wedding ring look like?" I just figured he didn't want to go ring shopping blind, so I kind of drew out what I wanted and he took it away. I thouhgt oh yeah he'll get pretty close to what I want in a ring with that picture, and i'll just be happy with whatever I got. Well when I finally saw it I saw just so shocked. It looked exactly like what I wanted and what I explained and drew out. It was absolutely stunning. I love that he went and got a custom wedding ring for me. now he doesn't have to worry about getting the wrong ring, and I am just so happy to get a one of a kind ring!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blue Print Holders for Everyone!

While bargain shopping like a champ, I came arcoss these blue print holders. They are AWESOME! They neatly hold all of my pictures that I draw. They are so convienient! Not to mention versitile. My Wife loves to knit and these racks hold her yarn beautifully!! My wife also had the idea of buying one for my grandmother, she loves reading the paper and saving the things she finds interesting and funny. I thought she'd love them too, turns out she does, She says the blue print holder holds all her papers in it and she finds sorting the papers are easier now with the holders.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prepare For Bachelorette Invitations

I'm throwing my sister her bachelorette party and I am so excited. I found these really cute and funny bachelorette invitations that she is going to love! She is always up for over the top parties and I have to make this the best party yet before her wedding. This is the party where it has to be over the top, never forgettable, and an all around good time.

I have the whole night planned out. I rented an awesome party bus for the whole night and I have so many places to stop. We are starting out at my house for a pre-party to play a few games, and start out with a couple of drinks. I bought her a couple of funny, but maybe useful gifts and then we're meeting up with the rest of the girls down town. From there who knows what will happen. Everything is just going to be "spur of the moment." There is never going to be a dull time. I have had the best of times at bachelorette parties with just all of my girlfriends and it's just one last hoorah before the married life.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome Home Fragrance Lamps

I am always looking for new and unique things to have in my house. I recently moved into a new home and my friends gave me some fragrance lamps for a new home gift. I love this lamp and I think it is the coolest thing. It's so different and unique. I love it and I think it was perfect! Even the scents they gave me to use for the lamps were great! They know me so well.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gorgeous Sweatheart Dresses

This was the formal dress my daughter picked out for they're Sadie Hawkins Dance and I thought it was so cute! She loves sparkles and this was a perfect match for her. The sweatheart top is so flattering on her and she looked gorgeous the night of the dance. She has some really cute heels on, which I don't see how she walked in them, and her jewelry was really cute. Her boyfriend looked so handsome in his tux, and it was nice to see all the kids dressed up for a night. They had a great time and went the whole nine yards. They went out to eat and took a limo too. It was so cute and I was happy that they had a great time.

Sparkles are the 'in' thing for prom dresses, I guess, and there were tons of beautiful dresses I saw that night. Everyone looked great and it reminded me of the past. Of course, our dresses were nothing like they are now, but man was it a good time.

Monday, February 6, 2012

First Swim Suit of 2012

I just purchased my first swim suit of 2012. I'm going on vacation the first weekend in March and I am so excited! We are going to the Caribbean and I can not wait to get out of this colder weather. My boyfriend is taking me for my birthday and we are going to have a great time. I picked out this swim suit,because I thought it was really cute and a different color. I love how it has no straps, which means less tan lines, and the bottoms are so sexy and I love them.
I can always count on finding something new and different at Victoria Secret. I love the store and I could spend all day in there. Another favorite about this swimsuit, is that it is a push up swim suit, but its not major or noticeable. It is just a comforting lift and for some support. I don't like wearing MAJOR push up bras or anything, I just like a little liftage and support. If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish swim suit, I recommend this one!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Beautiful Bracelets

A girl can never have enough bracelets. I suppose that goes that same for shoes and clothes.... I guess you could say a girl can never get tired of pampering herself!! In pampering myself I bought myself a titanium bracelet. This bracelet is so beautiful!! I love how simple the chain is and the heart detail is great!! I love the way the heart kinds dangles as the charm. It so beautiful and now my outfit must have!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spiral Curling Iron

I Recently bought this spiral curling iron and I love it! I used it for my birthday and got so many compliments on my hair. It was easy to use and i didn't burn myself. The metal ridges across the barrel really helpes keep my hair sections neat and tidy and helped keep them in equal spirals. This is my new hair must have!