Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cooking Disasters

I have been trying really hard lately to become a domestic diva. I love to cook and bake but lately, I'm going through cooking disasters. Last Thursday (wow a week ago already) my Pyrex pan, that I just bought, shattered in pieces! I know, how scary! Here is how it went...

 After a long day I decided I would make myself lasagna, it is one of my favorites, (however, it should be noted that I don't usually ever make lasagna so this was a treat...that soon turned into a disaster. After preparing everything and popping the dish into the oven, I let it cook for the appropriate time, I took out the oven and set it on top of the stove to cool. I went back to the couch and a few minutes later heard a huge POW, and there it was, shattered glass everywhere, and I mean everywhere! The hard work I put into the lasagna laid on top of my stove with shards of glass in it, while my kitchen, stove, and oven were all plastered in glass. I was so emotional that day I just started bawling. I cried cleaning up glass for a whole hour and then felt bad for myself and ordered a cheeseburger :)

2 days later I got the courage to bake sugar Christmas cookies from scratch, which also turned into a cooking disaster. Little did I know that cookies taste terrible when using whole wheat flour. After lots of time and work I threw a whole batch of cookies away! I was so angry, but honestly the cookies tasted like dog treats mixed with cardboard. The next day I got the courage to re-bake them and when using the right flour they actually turned out! YAY!

2 days after that I decided to whip up a chicken dish. I really don't like handling raw chicken because I feel like it just spreads germs everywhere. I read a recipe online for the 'juiciest chicken breasts', and thought how easy! Well, after a few minutes of doing as the recipe said smoke wouldn't stop rushing out from beneath the pan. I thought I was going to start a fire, or at least set off the fire alarms, thankfully neither happened. But I did smoke out my whole apartment and threw away the pan I burnt the chicken in. I tell you I'm giving up on cooking! UGH! I'll be ordering take out tonight.