Friday, February 24, 2012

Custom Wedding Rings

My very smart husband to be asked me one day: "what would you wedding ring look like?" I just figured he didn't want to go ring shopping blind, so I kind of drew out what I wanted and he took it away. I thouhgt oh yeah he'll get pretty close to what I want in a ring with that picture, and i'll just be happy with whatever I got. Well when I finally saw it I saw just so shocked. It looked exactly like what I wanted and what I explained and drew out. It was absolutely stunning. I love that he went and got a custom wedding ring for me. now he doesn't have to worry about getting the wrong ring, and I am just so happy to get a one of a kind ring!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blue Print Holders for Everyone!

While bargain shopping like a champ, I came arcoss these blue print holders. They are AWESOME! They neatly hold all of my pictures that I draw. They are so convienient! Not to mention versitile. My Wife loves to knit and these racks hold her yarn beautifully!! My wife also had the idea of buying one for my grandmother, she loves reading the paper and saving the things she finds interesting and funny. I thought she'd love them too, turns out she does, She says the blue print holder holds all her papers in it and she finds sorting the papers are easier now with the holders.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prepare For Bachelorette Invitations

I'm throwing my sister her bachelorette party and I am so excited. I found these really cute and funny bachelorette invitations that she is going to love! She is always up for over the top parties and I have to make this the best party yet before her wedding. This is the party where it has to be over the top, never forgettable, and an all around good time.

I have the whole night planned out. I rented an awesome party bus for the whole night and I have so many places to stop. We are starting out at my house for a pre-party to play a few games, and start out with a couple of drinks. I bought her a couple of funny, but maybe useful gifts and then we're meeting up with the rest of the girls down town. From there who knows what will happen. Everything is just going to be "spur of the moment." There is never going to be a dull time. I have had the best of times at bachelorette parties with just all of my girlfriends and it's just one last hoorah before the married life.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome Home Fragrance Lamps

I am always looking for new and unique things to have in my house. I recently moved into a new home and my friends gave me some fragrance lamps for a new home gift. I love this lamp and I think it is the coolest thing. It's so different and unique. I love it and I think it was perfect! Even the scents they gave me to use for the lamps were great! They know me so well.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gorgeous Sweatheart Dresses

This was the formal dress my daughter picked out for they're Sadie Hawkins Dance and I thought it was so cute! She loves sparkles and this was a perfect match for her. The sweatheart top is so flattering on her and she looked gorgeous the night of the dance. She has some really cute heels on, which I don't see how she walked in them, and her jewelry was really cute. Her boyfriend looked so handsome in his tux, and it was nice to see all the kids dressed up for a night. They had a great time and went the whole nine yards. They went out to eat and took a limo too. It was so cute and I was happy that they had a great time.

Sparkles are the 'in' thing for prom dresses, I guess, and there were tons of beautiful dresses I saw that night. Everyone looked great and it reminded me of the past. Of course, our dresses were nothing like they are now, but man was it a good time.

Monday, February 6, 2012

First Swim Suit of 2012

I just purchased my first swim suit of 2012. I'm going on vacation the first weekend in March and I am so excited! We are going to the Caribbean and I can not wait to get out of this colder weather. My boyfriend is taking me for my birthday and we are going to have a great time. I picked out this swim suit,because I thought it was really cute and a different color. I love how it has no straps, which means less tan lines, and the bottoms are so sexy and I love them.
I can always count on finding something new and different at Victoria Secret. I love the store and I could spend all day in there. Another favorite about this swimsuit, is that it is a push up swim suit, but its not major or noticeable. It is just a comforting lift and for some support. I don't like wearing MAJOR push up bras or anything, I just like a little liftage and support. If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish swim suit, I recommend this one!