Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Give Your Medical Staff the Best This Season!

If you are looking for a great gift idea for your medical staff why not some new womens lab coats or new scrubs for your staff? You can even give gift certificates to Medelita and, the staff can find the perfect set of medical scrubs in their size! Give your hardworking nurses and medical staff the best this season! Medelita carries the sophisticated scrubs and lab coats in soft performance fabrics that flatter the female figure!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Great Prices on Grow Lights for the Horticultural Lighting Industry

Looking to get some great deals on residential lighting, commercial lighting and grow lights for your home or business? Discount Grow Lights offers the the best value in lite, & lighting fixtures for the horticultural lighting industry. Check them out and compare to others before you spend more than you need to! Great discounts for all your lighting needs!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Popular Playmobil Toys for the Holidays!

Find those great kid's Holiday gifts this shopping season at! The always popular Playmobil toys that bring hours of fun time play! One of the New 2008 Playmobil additions are for the horse lovers at heart! The Playmobil Horse Circus Act has what circus's are known for! All the great horse acts that prove a winning good time! Save right now on select Playmobil toys for kids for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008 Founder Publishes Wedding Book

Burlingame, Calif. November 10, 2008 —, the Internet’s most expansive collection of unique and affordable wedding favors and bridal shower favors, announced today that its founder and Chief Executive Officer Shirley Tan has authored a wedding tips book that includes everything from choosing rings, to locations...

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Make Your Dream Nursery a Reality!

Making that dream nursery complete finding the perfect baby furniture is key. Adding such items as a cozy chair to relax in or a charming armorie brings charm to the baby's room. That's why I loved this picture of what I would call an ideal nursery. Soft colors, inviting patterns, and plenty of extra storage for all the things little ones need!
The "Country Roses" armorie that you see here is from the "Sweet Beginnings" baby furniture collection. It has a precious and romantic feel to it with its floral design and trim. These can be customized to your preferences. Whatever your dream nursery is, can help you create it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Everything You Need For Your Wedding!

Your wedding day is suppose to be everything you dreamed of. And, it can be with the help of a couple places that I came across today! has some amazing choices for your guests and bridesmaids as a way of thanking them. You can find something as simple as a personalized handbag or robe that they can use way after the wedding is over!
Give them something that says that you appreciate them as much as you do! With so many choices in affordable and quality bridesmaids gifts, you could afford to give more than one! Check them out today and their sister site for everything you need for planning your perfect wedding day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Right Wedding Bands For a Lifetime!

When choosing the most important rings of your life, its important to know what type of engagement rings, mens wedding bands and, wedding rings are out there! With so many choices of metals, styles and, traditional settings, you may feel overwhelmed. That's why I always say, "Knowledge is power!" Questions you may have is what type of metal is best for me? What are the pros and cons of these different precious metals and how can I find out about these? I would like to share a little secret that I have passed onto many of my friends when it came time to choose their wedding rings. By far, the most interesting and, knowledgable sight for really getting to know what to expect from each type of wedding band material such as, Palladium, Platinum and white gold. Titanium-jewelry has a education section on their site to help you make a educated decision, and, with their top notch customer service, they are there to help! Do yourself a favor and skip the endless search of knowledge and, check out and learn from the best! You may find that perfect ring that you've always been looking for!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Girls Love Biscotti Dresses!

We know what my little fashion Diva wants to wear! The beautiful styles of Biscotti dresses are always a favorite with little girls during the upcoming holidays! The new Biscotti dress Collection will thrill little girls that love to dress up! Just in time for the holidays new items are arriving weekly at! Check out all the holiday baby clothes, outfits, and dresses you need to make your little girl shine this season at Sandbox Couture today!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Simply the Best in Designer Baby Clothes!

Simply the best in designer baby clothes, has always made a huge statement when it comes to dressing up for those special events or occasions! With attention to the smallest details is what makes this online baby store so irresistible and sought after. With so many European inspired clothes for stylish kids, its hard to choose just one little outfit! Shopping for my kid's has always been so much fun, so when I came across all the beautiful kids clothes here, I couldn't stop myself from shopping for the rest of the kids in the family. Well lets just say I have a big jump on my Holiday shopping list!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Planning A Wedding?

Planning Your wedding is such an exciting time! Don't let the stress of all your planning get to you! You enough to do when planning your wedding, make it easier with the help of! Looking for a fast and easy way to get those wedding invitations that are beautiful, affordable? Take a look at the biggest selection of wedding invitations online!
You can get everything you need for the wedding, including bridesmaids gifts, bridal shower, and wedding favors, and more. You can purchase everything you need to for your wedding in just one place! has the widest selection of wedding invitations online!
Receive a 25% discount off the retail cost when ordering Carlson Craft wedding invitations! And, don't forget to check out the New Fall items that just arrived for that special Fall Wedding theme!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ideas for Holidays!

Baby Clothes like this cute little girls outfit can be a great Halloween idea! Super cool and super comfortable, little ones can stay warm and look good too! I always love finding such cute little outfits for my little girl and, wanted to share this with everyone! Check out all the Holiday ideas for little girls and boys at my favorite online store,!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to Purchase Bridesmaid Gifts

If you are reading this, chances are you are going to be having a wedding soon and are looking for help in selecting bridesmaids gifts that are cute, represent your style and are usable for your bridesmaids. I have to be honest though, I cannot tell you EXACTLY what to get because just as every wedding has a different theme or style, so does the Br

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Kids Clothes for Hunger

When hunger strikes, people who really care stand up to the cause. When emergency situations arise such as conflict, natural disasters, war, hunger, and long-term assistance, programs are in place for company's to become involved in. One of the tools that they employ in their fight against hunger is a product called Plumy'nut. Featured on CBS's 60 minutes and other prominent media, Plumpy'nut is a prepackaged, easy to administer peanut butter based concoction that helps severely malnourished children (6 months to 5 years old) recover from starvation. Estella-nyc. com on online retailer of, Designer Baby clothes and, kids clothes, has partnered with the Action Against Hunger. During the Fall 2000 season, they will make and sell a plumpy'nut bracelet and donate all the profits to the purchase of plumpy'nuts. They would like to encourage people to join the fight against world hunger in general and specifically against childhood malnutrition. For more information on Action Against Hunger, please visit:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chic Bassinets for Baby!

Whenever I think of my little girl, I always want the best for her. As, Im sure all parents want the best for their own kids. I seem to always be searching for the best in quality and style of whatever I buy for her. Wheather is be new baby clothes, toys, shoes, or shampoo! With the huge jump in the baby market there are some really amazing things out there for kids that we didnt have growing up! I'm always coming across the newest lines of baby furniture, and, cant beleive in over the year my little girl was born they have come out with even better bassinets! If I were to have another I would defineatly take one or two of these beauties for the new baby!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Christening Gowns & Christening Rompers Ideal for ...

Rancho Santa Margarita – CA September 26, 2008 – Sandbox Couture, a popular online children's boutique retailer of baby clothes, designer children's clothes and baby gifts, today announced their expanded retail offering to include christening gowns for little boys, little girls, babies and preemies.

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Baby Christening Gowns & Christening Rompers Ideal for ...

Rancho Santa Margarita – CA September 26, 2008 – Sandbox Couture, a popular online children's boutique retailer of baby clothes, designer children's clothes and baby gifts, today announced their expanded retail offering to include christening gowns for little boys, little girls, babies and preemies.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Change of season means more baby clothes

So, fall is officially here. Yay! I love fall. The autumn season has always been a favorite of mine. It used to be that fall was something I associated with starting a new year of school, going back, something new, something fresh. But since 2000, I have happily associated fall with the beginning of my relationship with my husband, Daniel. We went on our first date on August 16th, 2000, but because he was leaving the area for his first year of college, I didn't see him after August 22nd, not again until mid-September. The following year I took tour buses and trains out to Pittsburgh to visit him, and the year after that I moved with him to Pittsburgh. Oh, and two years after that our daughter was born. And lastly, the year after THAT we conceived our son. For those still playing along, that's 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005. ;)

Alyssa is all ready for the fall. She really hasn't grown too much since last year (just upwards!), so all of her pants from last year fit her just fine. She inherited my short legs, so at least this year most of her jeans won't be dragging the ground. I seriously have to roll up the cuffs on 90% of her pants. It's ridiculous!

Ryan, on the other hand, not so ready.... he has new shirts, about ten of them. But he needs pants. I wasn't sure what size pants he had leftover from last year, so I decided to wait on buying new ones until I checked out his drawers. Well, I went through them yesterday, and he's down to one pair of jeans and two pairs of cargo pants. Ridiculous! That kid grows too much. He was wearing 24mo/2T in the summer of 2007, here we are in the fall of 2008 and 5T fits him now. In comparison, Alyssa is wearing 5T loosely, and she's almost two years older than him. Well, that's my chunky baby.

So guess who has to go shopping for more baby clothes. Or should I say toddler clothes, since there's nothing really BABY about a whopping 5 in toddler sizes!

Psst... anyone else who has a horse-sized toddler like mine, check out eBay for onesies. I found a bunch (new! in packaging!) by Gerber that are 4T! I'm stoked!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zzz, wedding favors, Zzz

You know, my poor sleep (going to bed late, waking up in the middle of the night, getting up early with the kids, napping during the day) didn’t start after having kids. It started after working from home.

When our daughter was born, I worked second shift, as did my husband. It was easy to keep our daughter on a schedule with us.
After our son was born, I learned very quickly to sleep when he slept. I coordinated the kids’ nap times so that Ryan was going down for a nap not long after Alyssa was waking up, and she was going down for her nap when Ryan was taking his second. At night, Ryan would go to bed by 9, and Alyssa would be bed at 10.

Nowadays, the problem isn’t getting the kids to nap and sleep at night, but getting myself to sleep. After they go to sleep, I all too often take advantage of the quiet to do my writing and research on wedding favors or whatever else I need to look up about. Like now. It’s 3am and I’m working. The kids will be up at 10. *cry*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby shopping is fun

I think one of the most exciting things to shop for is a new pet or a new baby. I recently got a pug (four months old, female, beautiful, very well behaved and well mannered), and shopping for her was a lot of fun. But there's only so much to shop for for a dog. A baby, on the other hand, requires a lot of preparation! Baby furniture is just the tip of the iceberg, and even that is a lot. Cribs, playpens, strollers, car seats, high chairs... then there are the optional things like slings, baby swings, cradles, bassinets. But the fun stuff, the REALLY fun stuff, are the baby clothes, diapers, bibs, towels, and accessories like pacifiers, diaper bags and diapering essentials, breastfeeding supplies, toys and musical CDs.

When you think about it, it's amazing that there are literally thousands of items to buy for a new baby. I know we spent a decent chunk of change and time on new baby things for Alyssa. With our second child, we didn't have to get the big things, but we needed a lot of new baby clothes and newborn clothes, since we were having a boy, and obviously he wouldn't look too good in pink or purple. ;)

What was your favorite baby purchase?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Very Best in Wedding & Bridal Accessories

When planning your wedding or bridal shower don't you want the very best wedding shower favors and, bridal accessories? You can find unique and one of a kind items that will set your wedding apart from all the others at! With so many items in stock, and, many are as much as 40% lower than anyone else in the market. They also do their own engraving and embroidery to give those gifts a special personal touch!
Your guests will be delighted to receive such personal and thoughtful choices in wedding shower favors, bridal gifts, bridal shower favors and, more, from, Visit them today and, get inspired!

Tozzo Wedding Favor Kit is featured in Bridal Guide Magazine

Tozzo Wedding Favor Kit is one of many customizable, do-it-yourself items at that helps create dream weddings, even on a budget...

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Tozzo Wedding Favor Kit is one of many customizable, do-it-yourself items at that helps create dream weddings, even on a budget

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Game Days!

Why is it whenever Football season rolls around, the stores go crazy! Everyone is wearing nfl jerseys, or crazy sports apparel in the upcoming teams colors. You would think that this time of year was one huge party especially, on Sunday's and, Monday's!

Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against team spirit or football or anything, I have a favorite team that I cheer for on game day. I actually sit with my husband through the four quarters of heavy hitting and touch down passes if there are any. I think I enjoy it more now that its more that my husband explained to me. Now we spend these two days out of the week watching the Football game together, kind of our date night!

I find myself looking at all the NFL football jerseys & NFL Apparel online. Now that we have date nights set, isn't it appropriate that I have an appropriate new outfit? I'm even thinking of painting my up my face too!

Super Cool Baby Bedding!

I found some really cool stuff for baby's room! The baby bedding by, Nurseryworks offered through has baby bedding that grows with your child! This baby bedding is designed not only for function but, are so up to date on ultra hip designs! Each crib set from Nurseyworks are available in several colors and hip designs to meet any style! Check out for all your babies needs such as,bassinets, bassinets, cribs and more!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Create a Soothing Baby Room

When choosing the decor for your little one who is on his way, I have found the place for you! has absolutely everything you need to create that special room of your dreams. Imagine your little one resting in tranquility in calming shades of blue and, white. This "Cape Cod" baby bedding set by, Sterling Anabella, is made of 100% Egyptian cotton, which is pure luxury. When it comes to baby nothing is too good! You will love the selection of crib bedding, baby furniture, and, baby clothes, that this luxury online baby store carries!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pittsburgh Steelers and jerseys

Go Steelers! My husband and I lived in Pittsburgh for a little under two years. Actually, he lived there for three and a half years -- he moved there for college in August of 2000, and I joined him in August of 2002. We moved back home a year and a half later, just a few days before Christmas (yes, driving a uhaul from one end of the state to the other during the mad last minute holiday rush was INSANE. I promise we'll never repeat it!).

I loved Pittsburgh. It's going on five years since we left that city, and I still miss it. City life is a pain and expensive, but it's convenient and it's definitely quaint. Of course, I think I reflect more upon my memories of my husband and I together more than I do about the city, but it's still very special to me, and I would like to go back to visit.

One thing that really got me about Pittsburgh was the borderline RABIDNESS people had in terms of enthusiasm for football and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Pirates got some attention, but NOTHING like what the Steelers got. You would think it was an official holiday, the way people would dress up in nfl jerseys. The freakin' stores would even decorate, and employees (I worked at a K-Mart and a Target) would be strongly encouraged to wear the team colors (black and yellow).

Football never has been my thing, nor will it ever be. My husband enjoys it somewhat, so I'm thinking of getting him some kind of official jersey. I might even get a youth NFL jersey for our son, so they can dress up and be all GO TEAM! together.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Target has nice bedding!

While shopping the other day at Target, I happened to notice some of their bedding sets. (click here) I especially liked their Woolrich Bear Bedding Collection. Now that both of my brothers are getting older, 13 and 10 respectively, this set is cute without being too juvenile. Also, since neither myself nor the boys are into sports, the football and baseball themed sets are out of the question. They had the quilt, which was nicely done in a patchwork of browns and blues, bedskirt, pillow shams, along with other bear themed accessories. Such as a lamp, curtains, string of lights, etc. This is something that both my boys a d I agreed is really cute. And, of course, there are matching sheet sets to go with it. There is enough variety that I can get both boys the same quilt, but the rest would be different for each room. And, to make it even easier to pick out the bedding items and the matching accessories even easier, they can both be perused and purchased on How much simpler can shopping get?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sweet tooth

Aahh……….chocolate. Some European chocolate would be utterly delightful. If only I had two things right now: money and a store nearby that sold fine European chocolates, such as these delicious looking truffles from Just looking at these truffles is making my mouth water.

Looking at their various offerings in their Euro shop along with their offerings under their bakery shop listings are just out of this world. But, I guess I will just have to satisfy my cravings with just a run-of-the-mill Hershey bar. The most exotic offerings around here would be a Toblerone bar at the local Wal-Mart. Whoopee!

Oh well, until payday, I can at least dream about which of these luscious confections I will choose to order. And, then fantasize about which delightful confection I will enjoy first. ~sigh~ 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Following the British example!

When I was pregnant with my son, before I knew that he would be a boy, I really wanted a girl. I convinced myself that things would be so much easier with a girl, particularly with clothing. I have two school-aged brothers, and I see the hassle my mom goes through year after year, trying to find suitable boys clothing that isn't so dark, dreary and/or sports or camouflage oriented.

Well, I know that I'm going to be shopping for European kids clothes for my son! Unlike regular boys clothing, which is either bright, dark, sports oriented, camouflage covered, or just plain tacky with huge cartoons and such, European designer clothing is more traditional. Plaids, pastels, stripes, checks... the kinds of things I want to dress my sweet baby boy in!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping for boys clothes and girls clothes

The best part of having a daughter is being able to dress her up in all of the great little girls clothing! I have a son as well, and I must admit that the selection of boys outfits is never as nice as what I can find for girls! Don't get me wrong, I can find nice childrens clothes for both of my kids, but the good boy stuff is few and far between. My biggest complaint with boys clothing is that everything is dark and dreary, camouflage or sports themed, or plastered with tacky illustrations and television and movie characters. Is it so wrong to want to dress your little boy is nice, sweet little boy apparel?

Now girls clothes on the other hand... a walk in the park! Last week alone I was able to find my daughter a pair of metallic silver jeans, dark blue denim jeans with silver sparkles all over them, and some great tights in the baby clothes section at Babies 'r Us.

Where do you shop for clothing for your children? I know that Gymboree and The Children's Place are often recommended, but there have to be some other nice stores as well! I love Carters clothing, but sadly their sizes don't go beyond babies!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Baby Gifts for All!

There is always a shortage of baby shower gifts that aren't so generic. I found that if you really look you can find some of the most unique and, personalized baby gifts online. When I came across I was thrilled to see the variety of fun baby gifts for boys and, girls! There is something for every age and, even for mom, dad, grandma or grandpa! I will be visiting this place more often! Yay!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Diaper Cakes Are a Unique & Artistic Piece

A diaper cake is a unique, wonderful and perfect baby gift for any baby shower! Perhaps you have been given a diaper cake, you saw one given at a baby shower, or you just know what they are! Regardless, diaper cakes are a wonderful choice for a baby shower, because they give a gift that can definitely be used: diapers!

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How blogging less helped my blog (and can help yours too)

Do you blog frequently? 4+ times a week? Is this good for your blog? Check out how I was able to raise quality AND stats for my blog by simply blogging less.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fog machines, neon clocks and more has some really, REALLY neat stuff. I can think of many scenarios where their fog machines and lava lamps would be perfect: dorm rooms, a teenager's room, even my three year old daughter's room (well, the lava lamp). A fog machine is a great thing to have at parties, particularly themed and Halloween parties.

The company also carries neon clocks. These are things you don't see except in bars, retro restaurants and in music videos. If you like these clocks, definitely check out!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Save money when shopping for baby clothes

So, here is my secret for shopping for baby clothes for two toddlers without breaking the bank: shop between seasons. It sounds like a strange thing to do, to wait until the end of summer before buying summer clothes, but I promise you you'll save a lot of money, and here's why: stores push the season merchandise before the season begins. This means that by the time summer is nearing an end, the retailers need to get the fall and winter clothes out on the floor. So they clearance all of the summer merchandise to get it out of the way.

Shopping between seasons for baby clothes and childrens clothes works with retail stores, specialty boutiques, and online stores like They key is waiting for the right time. For spring and summer clothes, check out stores in July and August. For winter clothing, check out stores in March and April.

By shopping between seasons, you'll save as much as 75% on clothes! Here's an example of what I picked up last week: four pairs of toddler girls' shorts, four tank tops, and two pairs of toddler boys' shorts. Guess how much I spent? Ready for it? $30. That's right. $30! Thanks to the items being on clearance, I spent an average of $3 per item. These clothes are normally priced anywhere from $3.99 to $12.99 each. :)

He's almost two!

My son turns two on Saturday. I would be lying if I said that these past two years haven't gone by fast. I know a lot of moms often lament that the baby and toddler days seem to drag and drag, but for me they really flew. Of course, having a busy life and another child assisted with that. My son has a sister who is going to be four in October. I also work from home. And since my son's birth, we have moved twice, dealt with a lot of family drama and changes, and have kept busy doing family things. For instance, in the last seven weeks we have gone swimming at least a dozen times, gone mini-golfing four times, have seen three movies (Hancock, Wall-E and Dark Knight), celebrated three birthdays, went to an amusement park, and went on vacation to the NJ shore.

So, two. What do two year old little boys want for their birthday? That's the question I have been getting from family and friends, and I'm having a heck of a time figuring out the answer. I mentioned clothes and/or gift certificates to a few people, simply because my son is going to need fall and winter clothing. His age really hit me then: two. Two means no more baby clothes. Two means shopping in the little boys section, graduating from 4T and 5T to x-small and 4/5.

Moms, let me tell you: the baby and toddler years go by very quickly. Make sure to stop and enjoy the little moments of them!

One of these days

In April of 2004, I realized that my engagement ring was cracked. Specifically, the band at the very bottom, at its thinnest part, had cracked through entirely. I made plans that week to call up a jeweler to find out how much it would cost to have the ring repaired, but I never got around to it.

Oh hi. Four and a half years later, and the ring is still damaged. It isn’t an issue, except the one or two times I have managed to somehow yank the engagement ring, and the two separate pieces close around and pinch my finger. Do you have ANY idea how painful that is?! Let me tell you, painful. The one incident happened in June of 2005, and I still remember the pain quite vividly, heh.

So yeah, I need to get my butt in groove and call up a jeweler. There’s a local one that advertises free repairs for mens wedding bands and womens wedding bands, so maybe he/she does engagement rings too?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Whenever I know of someone who is pregnant, my first thought is of what type of baby gift to get them. I love giving personalized baby gifts, because personalized ones are unique and stand out from the rest. Diaper bags, high chairs, boxes of diapers and onesies are always nice, but what about personalized piggy banks and other keepsakes? Those are definitely unique gifts that won't be soon forgotten. is a baby apparel and baby gift website that has all sorts of baby things. You should definitely check them out!

Check out Smartee Pants Clothing!

Smartee Pants Clothing has some really adorable things. It's horrible when I have extra money sitting in my PayPal account, because then I start checking out sites like these and thinking about all of the cute things I could order for Alyssa or Ryan. Ryan in particular should definitely get a little something, since his birthday is just a week away. :)

So... money in my account, nothing to do but shop... what am I looking at? Well, I know that Alyssa would love their rhinestone tees, particularly the one featuring a crown and her name, or even Princess or the heart or cupcake. Their personalized children’s clothes are adorable, and I'm getting some ideas for Alyssa's birthday... I'm thinking a birthday girl t-shirt? I bet she would love that!

Moving on from Alyssa, there are some really nice baby gifts then I can picture as being perfect for a friend of mine who is due to deliver any day now (speaking of her, I'm going to call in the morning to see how she is doing!). If she wasn't so far along, I'd consider buying her some designer maternity tees to show off her baby bump with.

You know, I'm really glad I didn't know about sites like these when I was pregnant with Alyssa and Ryan! Otherwise I don't know how we'd have the money left over for baby gear and diapers and clothes. ;)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I watched a baby show

I just finished watching The Baby Borrowers. The show has a really neat concept: set up a teenage couple in a house and hand them a baby to watch for a period of three days. The house was completely furnished with regular furniture, baby furniture and food, and once the teens got their clothes and such unpacked, their child was brought in. Obviously there were safeguards in place: a nanny available 24/7 to shadow if need be, and the parents themselves could watch what was happening in the house at all times, from another house right across the street. But generally, the teen couples were on their own with their charges.

So this week's episode featured toddlers. I can definitely sympathize with the frustration level some of the teens experienced. Toddlers ARE frustrating. And yeah, they sleep 10 - 14 hours straight, rather than the horrible little cat naps that tiny babies do, but they are SO much more active during the day.

Heh, I think this is my new favorite show. Have you seen it?

Shopping for mens rings, I'm bored

I have to pee. I'm thirsty. I'm desperately craving chocolate. But I don't feel like getting up, my glass isn't within reach, and there's no chocolate in the house, and my mom has my car so I can't even go out to buy chocolate. Le sigh.

Alyssa is up. She slept late today and didn't come stumbling out until almost noon. I need to hurry up and get her into bed though, because tomorrow morning we all have to be up and ready to go out the door when Dan needs to leave for work, and that's at 11am. We need to leave a few minutes earlier, so that Dan has the time to grab his check and take it to the bank. Since we've all been sleeping in, getting up at 9:30am (me) and 10:15am (kids) is going to suck. But, sigh, we'll deal, somehow!

So, what does everyone have planned for the weekend? I plan on taking a part of my paycheck and shopping for mens rings, and paying bills. For the rings, I'm looking at titanium, but I also like tungsten rings. I know, I'm so exciting. ;)

Commercial lights and hardware stores

If you want to excite me, take me to Target. I love that I can get almost everything we need from there. The only exception is plus-size clothing for me (I'll take Fashion Bug any time!) and food beyond the basic gallon of milk, loaf of bread or frozen pizza. I'd say that 99% of Alyssa's clothing and 100% of Ryan's clothing came from Target. I buy socks for myself at Target, and all of my husband's clothes from Target.

Now, if you want to bore me to tears, drag me to a hardware store like Home Depot. Nothing will put me to sleep faster than lumber, paint, plumbing, commercial lighting and carpet swatches. Though I try to make the most of the time there and keep myself lively by checking out some of the neat gadgets they'll often have near the cash registers.

What is your favorite store?

I still have baby beddin

So I had been yapping about a neighborhood yard sale that was held on June 28th. I had every intention of participating, but I was so wiped out from our vacation, driving home and getting settled back in at home (we came home on Thursday evening; the 28th was a Saturday morning) that I skipped it. In hindsight, I should have put a bunch of stuff (baby bedding, baby toys, a few infant outfits) outside with a donation box and let the neighborhood have at it. But I didn't. And now the stuff is still in my house. And I'm sure that half the neighborhood is pissed with me for not doing my part and turning out with crap to sell. Oh well. The downside is that every time I look at the baby stuff I want more babies!

To be honest, we have lived here for a little over a year, and aside from the people on either side of our house, I have no desire to really meet and mingle with anyone else. Not the guy across the road who we had an issue with over a basketball hoop, not the woman next door to him who bellows like an enraged yak for her teenage boys, and not the family on the other side, the husband who is very nice (he helped my brothers and I push my mom's stalled mini-van down the road) but the wife who stares daggers at me every time she sees me (apparently me leaving a plate of cookies on their porch as a way of saying "Thanks for helping me push a mini-van!" is synonymous with, "Hi, can I steal your husband?" ), or the other parents of cretins whom they never take responsibility for.

I'll just keep on being that snobbish, uppity neighbor that I'm sure everyone thinks I am. :P

Tungsten rings

Since has a coupon good for $25 worth of savings floating around (use coupon code CS25 to get yours!), I'm checking out some tungsten rings for my husband. He has expressed some interest in black titanium and tungsten. I think I like the tungsten personally.

In addition to black titanium and tungsten rings, also has a huge amount of jewelry available in regular titanium. They carry rings for men and women, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories.

What does the future hold?

When I was a kid, I never had to think twice about not touching property that wasn't my own. From the time I was very young, it was drilled into my head that it was absolutely unacceptable to venture on someone else's property or touch property belonging to someone else, unless I had their direct permission.
I'm obviously grown now, but those teachings have stuck with me, influenced me, and are now being handed down to my children. My daughter knows that she is not allowed to touch another child's toy or go onto the property of any of our neighbors unless she was specifically invited to.

But so many kids are missing this crucial lesson. A prime example is the neighborhood where my grandfather's home is at. Twice this year his flood lights have been shattered, and I know that it's irritating, misbehaving kids or even teens that are responsible for it. My mom and I make attempts to drive by and check on the home at least twice a week, but unfortunately we've never caught the jerk(s) in the act.

Sometimes I really worry about how the children of today and tomorrow are being raised. So many parents don't want to crack down on their kids for the basic things -- such as staying off the property of others, not vandalizing or trespassing, etc. If these little but common sense things are being overlooked, what does that say for the big things?

Save money at!

Every now and again I post about Well now I'm back and blogging about them again! As you may know, Titanium Jewelry is a leading company in the titanium and tungsten jewelry market. They also have jewelry available in black titanium and even palladium. They carry a large, high quality selection of mens wedding bands and womens wedding bands, but they have plenty of other jewelry as well, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings and accessories for men (cuff links and the like).

Anyway, I came across the following coupon today, and thought I'd share it with you all! coupon

Use the coupon code CS25 to save an instant $25 off of any purchase of $69 or more at!


I want to do something special for my husband. While we both work and probably log equal amount of hours most weeks (yes, I am that busy working from home!), his job is much more physically demanding than mine, and definitely more stressful. Plus there's the driving time to and from work, and I know how much he hates to drive.

I have one idea in mind, but it would take a lot of planning, and a significant amount of money. It's something I hope to pull off by the end of the summer. I'm so tempted to just jump and do it this weekend, but unfortunately those pesky little things known as "bills" always want to be paid first.

Today has been a really quiet day. I did some blogging, started a new book (check out my Good Reads to see what's on my reading list!), read some of the confessions at True Mom Confessions, and did a bit of research on titanium rings for a writing project I wrapped up just a little bit ago.

I need to get geared up for July and then August! Ack! Summer is just whizzing by. My son's second birthday is in two weeks, and then we have a swim party to plan for on August 5th. Whew!

Classic mens wedding bands

When my husband and I planned on marrying, one of the last things we did was go shopping for wedding bands. It was easy enough to find a wedding band for myself, as the selection of womens wedding bands was impressive. But finding a wedding band for my husband turned out to be a bit more challenging. We did finally find one, but not without a lot of hassle and running around.

I wish that we had known about Their selection of mens wedding bands is incredible. Better yet, not only are these rings very stylish and well made, but they're also affordable! Many of the mens wedding bands available cost less than our monthly car payment!

mens wedding bands

While's specialty is titanium, there are also mens wedding bands, rings and other types of jewelry available in tungsten, black titanium and palladium. Styles range from classic to contemporary, with solo rings, sets, and even tension sets.

The Moses basket

A moses basket is a unique, comfortable and very safe haven for your infant to be. The moses basket looks exactly like you would expect it to look: a long wicker basket that is padded and lined with soft white or other pastel linens, wide and deep enough for your baby to be comfortably nestled in, with sides high enough to keep him or her protected. All moses baskets feature sturdy, strong handles which you can use to transport the basket with.

moses basket A moses basket is a great choice for keeping your baby with you, while still keeping him or her safe, comfortable and content. Take the moses basket around the house with you, or on the go! A moses basket makes a perfect accommodation for your baby at the park, on the beach, or at home in your own back yard.
Moses baskets are very popular choices for many mothers, and it's easy to see why!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Now This is What I'm Talking About!

My favorite online jewelry store just surprised me with a great deal! It's like getting $25 dollars to shop! This is available to everyone so, why wait! Get something nice for yourself or pick out one of those new mens wedding bands in tungsten!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Is It Football Season? I need to Find an NBA Shop

Im not sure what is going on with those football games. My buddies all talking about the fumbles, turnovers, tackles and touchdowns. What does it all mean?!? The truth of the matter is that I am a girl who doesnt really want to know what the heck is going on, I just think that any reason to drink beer and holler is an excellent excuse to do so. So, whats a girl to do to look the part at all these football watching parties? Well, I found the coolest big, little NBA Shop on the web. They have all sizes from childrens up to 5x. I personally got one of the youth jerseys so it would be form fitting. Goes over big with the guys.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Childrens Clothes

Childrens Clothes

Ok this is too fun! I love Paul Frank for my KIDS! >> and I just started useing this new THISNEXT and I posted it just from here! TO COOL! (via

Grow Lights

Grow lights are awesome! you can manipulate your plants into completing their growth cycle with lights. By changing the duration of light and darkness, you can trick plants into believing that the seasons are changing more rapidly than they are. This action will enable booms and harvests to occur more frequently and more abundantly!

New Trends in Baby Shower Favors Point to Simple Pleasures

Find baby shower favors, baby shower decorations, bridal shower favors, supplies and ideas for your upcoming event. Including centerpieces, games, shower favors and gifts. Choose from a large variety of baby shower decorations for your event and to celebrate the impending arrival. For the ideal way to say thank you to your guests browse our collect

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Roam Free?

AT&T and Verizon have become the kings of the cellphone companies in the U.S. It seems that cellphone companies will sell phones way below costs to keep their customers and, swoon new ones! What is all this publicity about this must have iPhone for &199? I think its just another plot to control over which phones that can be used on their networks! What kind of mobile device do you own? what type carrier do you go through? I couldn't go anywhere go anywhere without my high tec iPhone but, would much rather pay for satellite internet provider that actually let's me roam free!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Who's Wearing Titanium Rings?

Look at what I just found!
Okay, I thought the guy on this advertisement looked really familiar! Good-looking? Yes indeed!
Is this Ryan from the Bachelorette who is now currently married to Trista? I'm not sure, but, he sure does look like him! Hey, if my man looked this good wearing titanium wedding rings, I wouldn't be posting his image here!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Online Malls! and Ed Hardy!

I want a virtual mall, a place I can go to and have a advatar and shop! >> Anyone out there know of this? or creating this? is a place I found but I want techie virtual and spacy but I want brands like Gucci, Ed Hardy, oh ya! Look at the new stuff by ed his sh*t is so cool, but back to what I want! I want it so I can go to one site and I feel like I on Hollywood BLVD!

Please share your links w/ me on this!

The Shoopping

So I am playing around looking for more to talk about! >> Check this out!
The Shopping News, Wright Way Shopper and the St. Cloud Times have joined forces to create the area's best source for online and print classified! Oh ya! You betcha a Shopping News Section in Minnesota!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Decorating Ideas?

I want to pick out some new decor for the baby's room so, I was looking at some of the baby bedding online. I really like the soft buttery colors that are available now. The nursery is a little drab. I'm not sure what theme I want to go with though. I was thinking of something that could be used for either a little girl or boy. You never know, I may have another rug rat down the road. So, I want to do it right this time. I heard that yellow and, spring green is a good choice for either sex. What kind of themes would you choose to decorate? Colors? If you have any suggestions, this would be most appreciated!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reliable Connections!

I always wondered how the people who have on the go jobs, that take them to the edge of the world stay connected to their business. I did a little research on the subject and, found that having a Mobile satellite Internet service is the key! When I asked around to some major companies they admitted they had the best service when it came to mobile connection. With all the bases covered via satellite, such as voice, internet, and, video. Reliable connection is the key to a mobile company, IP Access International means reliable connectivity solutions!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Designs in Mens Wedding Bands!

If you love the fashion trends that are being set right now, carries the hottest looking Mens Wedding Bands on the market! Check this handsome titanium ring that sports a cognac colored inlay! I haven't seen any ring like it! If you want a great Father's Day gift for your guy he would definitely love this ring!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Take Charge Connection - IP Access International

With all the choices in internet, video, voice, and data solutions, I found that IP Access International is something to be looked at. Comparing their service to others, they are a provider of fixed and mobile satellite solutions, well beyond what you'd imagine. They can create and will deliver you the best fit satellite connection solutions around the globe! If you are in the business of travel and need solutions to stay connected over all these variables the business satellite internet connection they can provide is hands down the best you can get! This company is worth checking out!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Parts that Make Your ATV Purr!

Our friends took us out to the desert this weekend to play! My guy brought his dirt bike of course while they showed up with an awesome Rhino ! We had an absolute blast! They had it put together by who carries all the gear you need to keep those hot machine running top notch! ATV Exhausts, chassis, you name it they got it babe! These guys rock!

Friday, May 16, 2008

"Love it Or Return it" at


Retailer of Titanium wedding bands & Tungsten wedding bands offers satisfaction guarantee

(Modesto, CA) May 16, 2008 –, a leading online retailer of titanium rings, tungsten rings and unique contemporary jewelry designs for men and women, today announced their "Love it or Return it" policy offering customers satisfaction guaranteed. provides mens wedding bands and titanium and tungsten jewelry constructed from the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques, thus ensuring beautiful and quality jewelry. The Love it or Return it policy provides an additional guarantee to customers, further extending confidence and satisfaction in purchase decisions.

The assurance provided by this policy allows customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase and offers the flexibility to determine that their decision is one they will be comfortable with after they receive their ring. With online shopping, many shoppers are hesitant to purchase as they feel constrained to take the sellers word with respects to the quality, representation and look and feel of a product. By offering a 30 day window period where the customer can tangibly connect with their purchase, not only solidifies the buyer's confidence, but extends a good faith gesture towards the customer community.

The Love it or Return it program allows customers to return their ring within 30 days of receipt for exchange, credit or refund. Limitations do apply including, as Titanium Jewelry cannot accept items that are not in new condition, have been worn, scratched, nicked, sized, engraved, damaged, altered or worked on by a jeweler in anyway.

"For young couples purchasing mens wedding bands or wedding rings for the first time, we understand that ring buying is one of the most important purchasing decisions couples face," stated Ron Yates founder of "We know that purchasing a wedding band from is a sound choice and we want our customers to have the same level of confidence in our products as we do," Yates concluded. created the policy to provide customers the assurance with their purchase knowing that should they have a change of heart, they can exchange or return the ring for one they will absolutely love. In addition to the Love it or Return it policy, offers customers the Ring for Life Program, a lifetime resizing offer allowing customers to resize their ring for a nominal fee. For more information on either satisfaction guarantee program, please visit the company's website at

About provides a wide selection of tungsten wedding bands, titanium wedding bands and black titanium jewelry uniquely styled for men and women. Experts in modern mens wedding bands and fashionable metals jewelry, leads the industry in contemporary jewelry fashions. For more information, please visit

Press Contact
Ron Yates, Founder
Phone: 800-370-2646
# # #

Monday, May 12, 2008

For My Champ!!!

I was ecstatic when I came across these NFL Football jerseys! I know that my guy will totally love this! He has been such a great guy lately and, I wanted to show him how much I appreciated him. What's better than a cool jersey of his favorite team and player? Well, I can think of one thing, the price! Shhhh.... I got an excellent deal on it over at!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tee off in Style!

Polo's aren't just for playing golf anymore! But, if you love a good game and, look great out there while teeing off in golf shirts like this one by, Lija's L'amour. I like how this is a fitted look that hugs your curves. A girl has to look good doing what she loves to do! Check out all the cool golf apparel at,! Perfect attire, for your perfect game!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Sporty Look!

I know a lot of guys live in sports gear. It goes a little something like this...
T-shirts, shorts, sweats or jeans, is what's in my guys closet. Sometimes I can actually do right by him and, find something in his taste. NFL Apparel is one of his favorites so, when I found this sporty pull over, I snagged it. I don't mind the way he dresses at all, I kinda like the college boy look!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Little Monkey!

I know that my kid lived in onesies. I must have a million of these baby clothes because, they are so convenient to dress her in! These days these little staples in a babies wardrobe has become one of the stylish pieces around! Where we live, she has to be dressed in something cool and, comfortable. Cotton, lightweight and, easy to change in and out of is a must. I found some really cute little onesies like this one by Paul Frank. I like the cute little monkey, with the binky in it's mouth. Reminds me of my little monkey! I think she got a kick out of it too because, she was giggling when I got her dressed this morning!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Time Crib Bedding!

I was thinking, a lot of babies spend a lot of time sleeping. Whether in a bassinet or crib, or mom and dad's bed. In reality I think my daughter would sleep in her room more if it looked anything like this picture! Hey, I would hang out in there too! I absolutely love who ever has the knack of decorating a room like this! I would love to redecorate her room in the crib bedding set and, all the cute accessories! And, this may just be something I can do! With the help of they have everything you see here! From the curtains to the rugs! I think if I can just order up, i can easily make a dream nursery up for my little girl!

Friday, April 25, 2008

An Heirloom to Pass Down!

Why is it when spring time comes so do all the new little babies? don't get me wrong I love babies, I have one of my own, but, all of a sudden I'm seeing expecting mothers every where I go! I think I may be getting the itch again to have another. I was mindlessly roaming online when I came across baby bassinets! My first baby didn't sleep in a bassinet, was she missing out? This would have to be the perfect bassinet that I would purchase for my next baby though. I want to look back and, have something that I can eventually pass down through the generations! I think this may be more hormonal than anything, but, its nice to think about the future what it may bring!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Laid Back & Cool!

We are always planning day trips to the beach, and, sometimes it can be quite chilly out so, we do a lot of layering when we get dressed for the day! Such as, suits, shorts, t-shirts, and hoodies. Hoodies are like one of our staples in our wardrobe so, I am always looking for cool looking ones to cover up in. I really like the Quiksilver brand of baby clothes for the little ones. These really go with our whole beachy laid back look of our family! Roxy clothing for girls are really cool too! Not only do they come in childrens clothes, they make 'em in adult sizes as well! So, we are a cool, comfortable, and, laid back kind of family!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Ring is On My Wishlist!

Check out this beautiful black titanium ring! This is one of Edward Mirells larger titanium rings for women! The center holds a .10ct diamond with an ultra thick three sectioned band. Edward Mirell has the patented black titanium so these rings wont fade like a lot of other black titanium on the market! With all the choices of titanium wedding bands, and titanium rings out there, this one can be worn for special occasions or even a striking statement of marriage! This is definitely on my wish list for Mother's Day!

A New Pair of Designer Sunglasses!

I have a complete obsession with sunglasses! I have quite a few pair, and, always love a new pair! Especially if the are designer sunglasses like these by Christian Dior! I must say these look super hot on too! Best thing yet, I found them at discount too! Rocks! Why pay more than you have to right? I have to have my coffee in the morning!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Shopping for Baby Clothes is So Much Fun!

I found the cutest baby clothes for my little girl! I love to dress her up and, take her out with me! I have to say being a mom is so much fun especially with all the adorable little girls clothes that come out during spring time! Just look at this little romper! I love the cute little flowers and bright colors! She looks as cute as a bug in a rug in this! Its time to get out the camera once again!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Designer Titanium Rings for Her!

What makes a ring that says notice me? Try one of these unique titanium rings with assorted colored sapphires! With Mother's Day right around the corner, this beautiful ring will be such a surprise! The wider styled ring set off the sapphires that look as if they are scattered randomly, catching light in every direction! This is why they call it the Scatter ring! And, you can pick up one of these hot looking designer titanium rings at,!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Excellent Baby Clothes

Sandbox Couture sells some of the very best in baby clothes! You'll find everything from children's furinature to baby gifts and of course clothes! Unique designes at excellent prices!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Girls Gotta Look Good!

Okay, I had to do it. I saw these pretty Gucci shoes at when I bought my little black Gucci Purse! What girl could resist a new pair of patent leather pumps made in Italy! I did good too, these Gucci shoes were 40% off retail!!! And, the go so good with my dark denim jeans! I now have a hot outfit to wear out on Date night!
Come on now, a Girls gotta look good!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Surprise Friends with Baby Gifts Like These!

Cute little baby clothes like these are perfect baby gifts for little ones. I'm always looking for the newest items out there for kids. It seems spring time is the time for baby showers and, Small Paul by Paul Frank has always been one of my favorite brands to give to friends and family members who are expecting. I love to see the smiles on their faces when they open up my gifts! I find the cutest stuff at!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Little Black Bag

Always in style the little black bag. My oldest friend, that makes my outfits complete! I found this authentic Gucci purse that has become one of my favorites. The pop Bamboo handbag is authentic leather with a double handle and zip closure. Everything looks better in black and, goes with everything in my wardrobe! I found it at for less than retail and, that's awesome! You can find a designer handbags to accessory your style no matter what your taste! This place rocks!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cool Baby Gifts to Give!

I shop a lot for friends who have babies. So, I am always on the look out for super cute baby gifts to give! I love these super cute Small Paul by Paul Frank Girls Booties! They come in a set of two and have the cool little Kurvy and Juliuls monkey popular logo too! I like to pair these with some of the cute baby clothes that Paul Frank designs to make a complete outift! I usually buy a few at a time just in case I need a quick gift to give! Available at!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hammered Titanium Rings

These titanium wedding bands are some of the most unique and elegant mens wedding bands available. never seizes to amaze me with their awesome new selections. These titanium rings with the Hammer finish are great looking on. The center has been hammered to a textured finish and contrasts nicely with the smoother gray titanium on each side. Any man would look great sporting this one!

What to Get the Sports Fanatic!

If your guy loves sports and NFL Jerseys & Apparel, I found the place to shop! Now you can pick up your guys favorite teams jerseys with the look and feel of an NFL authentic Jersey! These NFL Jerseys are officially licensed and, has the sewn on name and twill numbers. These are great looking in person! I just bought one for my brothers birthday and he was ecstatic about it! I was happy to pay less than half the price of retail for it too! Now, I know where to get all my sport fans in the family their sports apparel without going broke! Check out for all the NFL Jerseys & Apparel you could ask for!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Powerful Looking Mens Rings!

When I saw these mens rings, made of Tungsten Carbide I thought Wow! this is the ultimate ring for the man in my life! The ZURNOV J.R. YATES ring has contrasting of back ceramic alloy and tungsten Carbide overlay! This ultra beefed up designed is made to last and, demands to be noticed! This is really a studly ring if I say so myself! And, its a new addition to the tungsten rings that carries!

Popular Cherry Prints for Baby!

These are just to adorable for words! The cherry print is a popular choice this season for baby clothes! Like this sweet little swim bubble suit by Kat Mack! Baby will be happy as pie in this comfortable and stylish that will suit her just right!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby Clothes - Designer Duds for the babes!

So it seems to me that everyone is having a baby and on ever coner there is a Designer Baby Clothing Boutique! You got to check out these Baby Clothes I found at! They have the hippiest Roxie wear for my 9 month old its sooo cute! If you have the extra money to spend, get that baby her bling bling there!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Classy & Cool Titanium Rings

If you like the classic look of the solid looking mens wedding bands then this is an great pick! These cool titanium rings are not only sharp looking, they are really affordable and durable! Perfect find for the man in your life who likes to keep it simple yet cool at the same time! Find the perfect mens rings for the man in your life at!

Retro Inspired Crib Bedding

The Dwell collection of crib bedding is totally unique! Brightly covered pallet of colors to catch babies eyes! Check out the bicycles, buses and bright yellow cabs! Made in mid to stimulate babies developing eyes sight and imagination. This set will definitely be a fun addition to any little boys room! Coordinate an entire nursery with the innovative Dwell baby bedding and, make baby's room a place full of fun! Available at!

Baby Has Never Looked So Good!

Try out some of the newest baby clothes and baby gifts offered at this season! I found the coolest baby clothes by Quiksilver for little boys! I wanted to buy my nephews some new duds for summer and saw this line of Quiksilver boys clothes that are all but the ordinary! I think they will look so handsome in these button down Island print shirts!
these will go with everything too! From Denim to board shorts and flip flops! What kid doesn't look great all decked out in Quiksilver childrens clothes! Check out all the new boys clothes for this season at!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter Easter!!!

With Easter coming right around the corner you have to be on the ball! If you haven't found Easter dresses for the little princesses yet you better hurry! Before you know it it will be too late. Here's a hint... has some absolutely adorable Easter dresses like the one shown here from Kate Mack. This soft pink layered dress is perfect for Easter or weddings, or even just summer outings! I love the selection from for children's clothes and this dress is just one of the many fabulous things I find all the time!

Great Picks of Childrens Swimwear!

Kate Mack's line of baby clothes have always been one of my favorites. Now has just released the new line of Kate Mack Swimsuits! This three-piece surf set is perfect for my toddler! We can hit the beach ready for to surf with this tankini suit and rash guard! Check out the entire Kate Mack swimwear line for babies and kids! You will love them!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Save on Designer Baby Clothes for Spring!

If you have kids to shop for this spring, its time to take note! Save big on select designer baby clothes at! Shorts, t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, flip flops and more are all way below retail! Get the childrens clothes you love to dress your kids in and, the clothes your kids love to wear! Shop now for best selections on select designer baby clothes just in time for spring!