Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bowing Down to Michael Kors

Okay, it has to be said. Michael Kors is a fashion God. Yes, this may be materialistic of me but don't you agree? I'm an accessory junkie (if you can't already tell by my blog) I love handbags, jewelry (especially chunky necklaces and rings), scarves, wallets, you name it. I especially love huge, organic looking bags or totes like this one.
Michael Kors Bedford bag

I'm also big into detailing such as buckles, buttons or intricate embroidery. I appreciate a good design and notice quality, that is why I love designer handbags. Growing up my Mom always said they weren't worth it, boy was she wrong! I'm completely opposite of her in that regard because I go ga ga for a nice handbag. I'm hoping this one will be underneath my Christmas tree.